Reveal shen zhang relationship with female students Hu shi to matchmaking

shen congwen and zhang

in the 1930 s of shen congwen

the foot of shen congwen (left) and the eldest brother Shen Yun (right), six brother nine younger sister, and mother.

article/guest contributor Zhao Yu

recently, with the advent of shen congwen hot, shen congwen letters. His letter to the foot of eldest brother Shen Yun also shake off the time’s dust, to meet with readers. As a important contemporary writer, shen congwen revealed by any breath, cause the attention of researchers and cultural communities. Shen congwen and zhang’s life of marriage and love, from the whole is a very last story. Writer Zhao Yu disclosure of these letters, let us see & other; Joy puts heart into a man & throughout; Shen congwen, is pregnant affair & ndash; & ndash; & ndash;

shen cong-wen’s happy time shall be calculated from 1933.

check shen congwen’s letters, 1932, a year only eight letter, and the letter is full of frustration. The year of the end of February to Wang Ji said: really the letter & other; Recent articles are simply don’t have to write again. To send the young tiger, how bad! The writing is just the bad, who knows, the woman have how old, because the stupid, want to a woman. And will get yourself into such a stupid. Throughout the &;

prior to that, only in the letter to Wang Ji really have nosebleeds, cry, swear a lot. He fell in love with his student zhang, and as it happens, zhang did not have a crush on him.

in love swear, weakness, suicide, crying. Have to say, shen congwen is a naive and persistent person. Or, gentle and affectionate love letter, for any woman, is a key to the depth of the heart. Happiness often belongs to the person who despair is not willing to give up.

is & other; The matchmaker & throughout;

from 1928 to 1930, shen congwen, who teaches at Shanghai China college at this time, shen zhang, fall in love with his female students to write a lot of love letter for her, and get the Shanghai China President hu shi’s sympathy, and to help.

on August 24, 1933, in a letter to the foot of eldest brother Shen Yun, shen congwen completely turned into another person. He wrote in the letter & other; Trillion and daily after the marriage can be a class of Peking University, I worked as a daily Yang’s bookmaking, create this book work, pay is only one hundred and fifty yuan a month, than to do anything at this time income is less, the creation of the books but, copyright is private in the future, the income in the future, there will be considerable. And the daily work, time is not much, for this article, there are spare, so than in is good. Recently since tianjin ta kung pao brother invited as the supplement, namely because of conditions, has not yet been settled. If got success in the future, people will be busy with, also more interesting. Recently is really rare, just want to work, work all day and never tired of, diet every day very much, very spirit, nothing is made, at the same time also no lack of fun, really so-called joy puts heart into a man? Throughout the &;

even & other; Throughout the &; Word with out, it is change the past and Wang Ji true communication to lament. This year for the foot of eldest brother Shen Yun cinda seven letters, overflowing with every letter of the bride’s joy.

on May 4, 1933 in Qingdao, shen congwen wrote to hu shi, shyly told he’s engagement to zhang: & other; How long not to write to you, as if some embarrassed, because I have been engaged. Man is in the male, the zhangs’ girls to study recently, also here for little things every time two people talking about the past few days, always feel that should thank Mr Is suitable: & lsquo; If it is not as a principal, how to please a so crappy Sir? & rsquo; Throughout the &;

yes, at the beginning of the shen congwen pursuit of zhang, zhang don’t like it, find the principal Hu Shizhi, want to let him help persuade shen congwen, shi nazhi repeatedly spoke well of shen congwen. How much this is the meaning of the matchmaking. This letter and shen congwen, nature also has the meaning of the matchmaker, only when it is not in Beijing to get married or get married in Qingdao, hu shi did not invited.

wedding day is on September 9, about also means to take long. In the first letter to the foot of Shen Yun, shen said his busy at hand. Please first, he and zhang are not outgoing, lively, so, don’t want to please too many people. Intends to please twenty people at the beginning, two table, pull down. A column list, however, found that not enough, there are always some distant neighbors, again, there are always some helped his friend in writing.

wedding furniture with really have weather, wrote in the letter to the foot of Shen Yun & other; Besides eating small hua limu square table in the room, just four stools, with eight legs and a long blade kitchen table, a tea table. Room only a bed, a mahogany desk, a tea table, a small red lacquer bookshelves. Sitting room appliances haven’t get, roughly a set of sofa, a tea stool, a piano, a flower, a small cabinets. Study and sitting room, ready to customize a line around the house shelf, a bed and two small chairs and a desk. Wood we always as far as possible with hardwood, look good and by using some & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; In the letter, shen congwen from room to the structure of the compound to the eldest brother introduced in detail, is to want to let my brother know, finally, he became a home, there is a living, belong to the age of shen cong-wen’s good is about to begin.

happy groom

like zhang shen congwen, since she found podium at first glance, is so. After a long pursuit, be well, jack shall have Jill, so his happiness. On August 24, he wrote in the letter to the foot of Shen Yun: & other; Trillion and extremely good, treat people make friends have a good impression, can read again, and simple, I feel very happy. Throughout the &; More let shen happy, shen cong-wen’s nine sister Shen Yuemeng and four sister zhang Zhang Chong and also began to contact.

marriage over a week later, finished payment and errands, went to tianjin also settled the problem of editing and supplement of da gong bao, on September 17, shen congwen and write to the eldest brother, told does a decent wedding, just takes some: & other; Instrument bride dress make the guests happy, entertain guests also is considerate. Before and after the things take money 1200 yuan, I only have 400 salary, other all signs and bring gifts. Throughout the &;

the zhangs’ is a large house, do the things on the ostentation and extravagance, nature will be generous. But spending so big, let shen cong-wen’s economic tension. Although in the letter again reasonable decent praise his daughter-in-law, but to earn money, or to grasp.

on September 23, 1933, by shen congwen and Yang Zhensheng editor of “ta kung pao & middot; literary supplement, began a week out of the two phases, comfortable, four published on Monday. Because over the years of accumulation, shen congwen also had some of the literary world network resources. So, also energetic contributions. Publication of the second day, he was writing a letter to the eldest brother, say in the letter: & other; This publication twice per week, all celebrities and authored, a professor at the university, so in the future hope extremely big, if can support a year, this publication or will affect the air, in literature big things are selected. Throughout the &; Because the manuscript demand for bigger, therefore, must install a telephone in the home, manuscripts and convenient.

at this point, the Shen Yun in foothill YuanLing is also the new house decoration, the foot of Shen Yun wrote to shen congwen to construction of books, in order to reference. Shen congwen wrote back to say, the construction of books don’t have to, but the interior decoration book category can help to him. Shen Yun foothill shen said in the letter, met a lot of celebrities, want some calligraphy and painting. However, shen congwen, although know others, but also is the common friend relationship, editors and authors mouth for celebrity calligraphy and painting may be a bit far-fetched. So big marquardt exaggerated trillion in the letter and the word write well, and the eldest brother said: & other; Some daily fair to sign and write some words, hopefully he write than brother, dignified and fair, aptly. If mom has yet to see the daughter-in-law, a see it, when especially delighted. Throughout the &;

this is countless how many times praise his daughter-in-law, and pick up a baby, got the chance to let others see, to praise it.

Shen Yun foot house decorate, zhang also is really out of the force, such as the foot of Shen Yun wrote in the letter to buy petty thing, one more part is zhang shopping when buy back. And his own house, the twelve electric lamp is installed, customized chairs are ready. He is very excited to tell eldest brother: most beautiful style. Unfortunately, no email at that time, otherwise, shen congwen coupled to the first time took photos, send in the past.

the nature, work and life, and exchanges that occupy the home, all these good things over with zhang, an age that is just right. Shen congwen often leap to jump for joy. Naive. No, this is as he says. On October 4, 1933, in a letter to the foot of Shen Yun, he wrote, & other; Trillion and people know wisely, so the air in the home is wonderful, if mother and brother etc, will often be laughing, because his brother since in recent years all appear live jump at 13 or 14, gift in the home to do it, nothing is happy exception, sincerity is less than the situation is. Throughout the &; Know the eldest brother at home in the busy, can’t come to Beijing, and then, please fill 1: & other; Six brother, if can come to Beijing, when to this view, will be a very good impression. Throughout the &;

is crazy.

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