Reveal status writer survival after 70: mature late result

report from our correspondent (reporter ShuJinYu) in judging age, should writers in the literary world booming stage after 70, why always like pan alexopoulos, or have the potential to have strength, are always owe a boiling heat. Held recently, the lu xun academy organization students zhang chu3’s, wang, Chang Fang, Yang yao, DingXiao Village five writers work conference, as & other; Sample analysis & throughout; To explore 70 after the writer’s literary creation and living conditions.

zhan-jun shi, vice President of the lu xun academy, said in the reading, five writers and their works will always unconsciously, author compared with other creative community in the 70 s. Because a decade ago, writers born in the 60 s, such as bi feiyu, li, YiWei, Ye Mi, lithocarpus fenzelianus etc, they are also in this age, has gradually be obvious in the literary circles. Now in the 70 s writers into the same growth stage. Regardless of the writers born in the 60 s or 70 s, we are all their readers, all through the Duan Wenxue avenue, will send a reading of synchronization to lament. May be the result of the factors of the era, compared with the past, this generation of writers obviously lost many reading enthusiasm.

70 s writers Liang Hong to China in Liang Zhuang literary world attention, for the creation of the ’70 s writers, she thinks, writers should write up our national life, from the resources found in the cultural resources of our own creation, do our own observer of life, experience and writing, to do a close observer of our age.

as youth critic yun-lei li pointed out that in the 70 s, 70 s writer is the generation of cracks in survival, this is not just caused by age, are also associated with literary mode of production. Even if they are seriously writing, it is impossible to like the 80 s, a writer on a few influential novellas can be based on the literature; It is impossible to like writer takes bestseller course after 80. But after 70 writers have their own strengths, they have a personal experience of The Times change, the key is how to put the age changes in their own way. For literature as the writer’s own pursuit of object, in the form of artistic expression era of change, make the reader see developing people rethinks of The Times, is the author of the most important role and significance of existence.