Reveal the butterfly lovers culture: prototype product are showed in the period of eastern culture

butterfly lovers and vega, meng jiangnu, “white snake” and called the four most famous folk tales in ancient China, but these four stories, whether the creation of folk, the characters are folk characters, questionable and research. Such as meng jiangnu’s story, meng jiangnu prototype is a story of qi liang wife, qi liang’s wife was not by the people, the story of one of the earliest records, for the twenty-third year of zuozhuan, duct and, to the south-north, using qi liang wife story into a mean, only one’s nineteen and the northwest has tall buildings, there is. ‘s “subtle” & other; Qi wife cry death, liangshan to collapse & throughout; And the yellow people years make the & in the other Qi wife cry, liang mountain of tilting & throughout; For the important literature. The latter’s written in yellow people to cry, liang qi liang wife mountain with, to show & other; Spirit can move heaven and earth stone & throughout; . , no matter the nineteen or’s not belongs to the category of the so-called folk, but belongs to the noble culture, the poet in the category of culture, this is beyond dispute. Also some scholars argue, said meng jiangnu and sources of qi liang’s wife is not the same story, but scholars specializing in meng jiangnu, once to leave qi liang wife prototype and immediately lost historical materials possessing it, the story of meng jiangnu also became a madrassa reflected, non-existent.

the evolution of petunia vega, the same is true. Petunia vega was originally two constellations in the sky, to the so-called “the way Altair” in the nineteen and xelloss’s prose works, to convert it into the story of men and women love each other can’t meet each other, because these poems nineteen can not find the author, therefore, then will the story lines for the folk legend. I think the so-called nineteen, mainly’s and wa surname. ZhenShiHe’s, in the world cannot achieve freedom lovers love, is the real vega and the creator of the story really.

on this basis, take “the butterfly lovers multiculturalism” (zhou jing books, ShiXiaoFeng zhao, people’s publishing house in December 2010 edition), very happily, the author did not stay within the realm of folklore research, stay in the so-called fieldwork, but the butterfly lovers as a real history for academic research, comb, including questions about butterfly lovers research for butterfly lovers produce 10 regional theory, using a large number of literature research, which is rather convincing preliminary conclusions are drawn. According to this make a lot of information provided, butterfly lovers story, first recorded should see beam emperor xiao “gold floor son” and “will said YiWen collection”. In the Ming dynasty scholar xu tree PI butterfly lovers in the general small record, tells stories, and then said: & other; Butterfly lovers something different! “The gold floor son” and “will records YiWen all”. Throughout the &; “Son” gold floor but still stored in the Ming dynasty after finish today without this, “will said YiWen collection” no pass book.

the first butterfly lovers, the story can be seen in the tang zhang read “xuan room volunteers” : & other; English set, shangyu ZhuShi female, pseudo for men’s study, the records of liang shan bo, with study. Mountain “, words in the kernel. Wish XianGui, two years, the friends and relatives, you’ll know it as a woman, aspect such as lose. Its to parents for hire, and ZhuShi has word Ma Shizi. For Yin after mountain “to make. And death, was buried 鄮 west. ZhuShi markov, the boat’s tomb, heavy can’t come in. Ask mountain “tomb, wish, bitterly, suddenly since the lacunae, ZhuShi hence and reason. Jin prime minister Xie An played table the tomb of yue: & lsquo; Righteousness woman. & rsquo; Throughout the &; (see page 20) this book here, butterfly lovers of the legendary & other; The same outfit, classmates, and was buried & throughout; The main storyline. 鄮 city in ningbo today. Ningbo, 222 b.c., Qin Dingchu jiangnan, buy Yin, 鄮, chapter 3 county, belongs to the records of the county.

according to the state of the first year of northern song dynasty grand view (ningbo) magistrate Li Maocheng “YiZhong king temple” (also known as “liang shan bo temple”), liang shan bo Yu Dongjin jose emperor yonghe RenZi 1 March, was born in records, also documented lovers double suicide for love in the two years after his death, as well as the butterfly lovers reading place for & other; Qiantang & throughout; (today), burial place for 鄮 west Kowloon market, etc. These historical materials, no doubt, convincing butterfly lovers, really is a history of literature very much, but in the process of folk wisdom, legends, novels, such as the & other; The crack and buried & throughout; , & other; Butterflies and flying & throughout; And so on.

butterfly lovers in qiantang class, the six dynasties is not into the imperial era, according to Mr Wang Yao relevant argumentation, the education and culture of the era of monopoly by an aristocratic family, liang was presented for 鄮 make: & other; JianWen after emperor JuXian county to god (butterfly) call, a letter for 鄮 order. Throughout the &; Since Wei Wen emperor do CKS system, gate garrison completely dominated the selection of officials. To, in the southern dynasty in Chiang kai-shek’s appraisal, the attention is ancestor’s communication between wei and jin dynasty, and discern simply check the genealogical lineage and last name. , according to liang shan bo and zhu yingtai is not the so-called folk characters, butterfly lovers culture, should belong to the category of traditional family aristocrat cultural phenomenon.

always say the top of the four most famous folk tales in butterfly lovers story, actually eastern jin the cremation of cultural product of The Times, this is I’m not foreseen by reading, as a beginning, but it is really a deep, after I read the real experience, at the same time, it is also should make us ponder and endless aftertaste a proposition.