Reveal the marne manuscript battle: many people life cost (FIG.)

little-known battle marne manuscript: many people life cost

a new version of the horse & middot; grace & middot; column HuaChuan “by Marx and Engels large amounts of the manuscript. CPPCC standing committee member and editor HuaChuan WeiJianHua think HuaChuan showed these manuscripts will study and research on readers play a role of marxism. About these manuscripts, in history are the details of the unknown: in order to save the Marx and Engels manuscript, after several adventures, li made a lot of people even at the expense of life.

in the 1930 s, with the power of Nazi Germany soon move to frantically swept all the works of Marx, Engels, burning their related historical documents, Marx and Engels’ manuscripts be at the risk of ruin. As a result, many progressives the manuscript through various ways to other European countries.

in the middle of July, 1937, as one of Germany’s social Democratic Party leader, Richard shard & middot; Hansen through hub in the manuscripts from Berlin to Mr, transport routes of the manuscript is generally as follows: Berlin & rarr; Kiel & rarr; (Mr) & rarr; Aarhus & rarr; Copenhagen.

after the manuscript to Aaron in the Pittsburgh, need to cross-border from Mr Pittsburgh suburb harry thaddeus field (now called le Harris) to Aarhus. Fishermen Hans & middot; Johnson used his small sailing ship a part of the manuscript; Live in in some Danish social Democrats, also by the bay ferry out part of the manuscript.

most of the manuscript is by harry, pius reinfeldt’s area of President William & middot; MEL to Denmark. Working in his place of work during the day, night, carrying the manuscript backpack through the swamp. Originally he a person carrying, later in tense, requirements must speed up the transportation, he shipped with many gay men and women.

to November 1933, the manuscript all shipped to Denmark, in Copenhagen Denmark workers local bank safety deposit box, no one into the hand of the fascist police and customs officials.