Reveal the most decadent ancient temple: southern dynasty emperor to force the woman naked (FIG.)

which the ancient temple is the most decadent? In the emperor forced the woman naked (figure)

maid-in-waiting, referring to be elected to the palace for emperors melody to enjoy woman.

generally consists of three parts: one is the legal permission, all previous dynasties concubines class along the system. The rites & middot; faint instrument said: & other; After the old person right lady stood sixth, three, nine wives, 27, eighty-one, royal wife the woman. Throughout the &; All previous dynasties imperial one possession of hundreds of thousands of women, according to their likes and dislikes, palace women can be divided into several levels. Such as succession, after carefully according to the rites & middot; faint instrument, say, buy three lady nine wives 27 eighty-one royal wife the woman. Imperial concubine, pretty princess, princess is for three lady, is the first. Shun shun RongShunHua, instrument trim let China, charger instrument charger charge China for nine wives, is the second. JieYu 12 people, is the third. Beauty fell a total of 15 people, is the fourth. Po lam 24 people, is the fifth. Imperial woman 24 people, is the sixth. Female 37 people, is the seventh. A total of one hundred and twenty-four people. This is the highest grade in palace. And as tang, set queen’s palace, under the queen for the imperial concubine, Germany princess, shu princess, princess; Under the princess and zhao, zhao, zhao luca brasi, repairing, grooming, luca brasi, filling, filling capacity, luca brasi, of nine wives; Nine under JieYu wives, beauty, talent every nine people; And Po lam, imperial woman, female all 27 people. The female palace level is high, have the status of the maid of honor, this is only a small part of the harem swarms maids. 2 it is palace countless female officer and GongE, etc., this part of the woman can be summoned at any time, seal with title, win by emperor at that time. Three is the huge palace female ChangYou, they SeYi, amuse emperors enjoyment and entertainment.

(1) of the pre-qin period

as early as in the pre-qin period, as the generation of slavery, for the son of heaven emperor pleasure palace beauty, ChangYou and female is generated. Be recorded in ancient books: & other; XiZhe jie, female, thirty thousand people, the morning noise in end door, smell in three qu. Throughout the &; (the pipe & middot; and heavy armour) & other; Yesterday, the female music palace, embroidered clothes. So the yi zhi die thin, but she will waste their countries. Throughout the &; (” what “)

xia jie has a female thirty thousand, to be the worst excesses. The ancients put xia jie perish on the king likes the addiction and waste in government.

shells of the shang king zhou times, the playful female ChangYou etc. The palace, but also have a kind of abnormal psychology. He is not satisfied with his house womanizing, also optional to wage war, looting of vassal women, a great power. Set of meat, and even life palace naked chase between men and women, he drinking while viewing, burning it. And many respects taxes, create a very beautiful garden, YuanPu. “The historical records & middot; Yin biographic sketches of” records: & other; Zhou (up) the good wine voluptuousness & hellip; & hellip; Made ShiJuan new Yin, dance, and in the north of the decadent music & hellip; & hellip; Great music play in the sand dunes, with wine as the pool, hanging meat for Lin, make naked men and women, by which, for the long night of drinking. Throughout the &;

to the turmoil in the spring and autumn period and the warring states period s, king widely luo female ChangYou, addicted to playing melody dancing has become a fashion. Roll of a record in “wu yue chun qiu”, acceded to the throne at the beginning of king zhuang of chu, & other; , hold Qin Ji Yin in debauchery, left hand holding the female & throughout; ; Huang Xian said the day John Paul cabinet WaiShi volume 4, su catering, ChuJi dance in the former, Wu Shu song in later, the woman put on the left, story in pan zheng, right; As “the above different memory,” said prince fu temple have & other; Palace prostitutes thousands of people throughout the &; .

(2) of the qin and han dynasties

is moral codes to develop and perfect in the qin and the han dynasties period. On the one hand, Liu Xiang “column female biography, reputations as” women’s commandments “, and “ritual heart” and other books on women’s chastity virtue demanding constraints, at the same time, the rulers strongly advocated chastity, recognition of moral. Such as built praise the black widow while a female bosom with Taiwan to persuade chastity; Followers of the western han dynasty in god jue (58 BC) has given a letter to the four years of Lucretia agreeable female silks; Its of the eastern han dynasty has also been in & other; Yuan people in February, given a letter to the Lucretia buddhist valley ten welcome, zhen Lv table door, continuous show faint line & throughout; . (” were & middot; its biographic sketches of) but, on the other hand, the ruler is possession of a large number of female, ChangYou maid-in-waiting, for their pleasure.

“the historical records & middot; qinshihuang biographic sketches of” described: & other; Adjacent to the xianyang two hundred temples in two hundred, after the tube is linked together, bell and drum beauty of filling, covered in each case not migration. Throughout the &; The harem, can think of. Qin shi huang from tens of thousands of prey to the six countries maid-in-waiting, while the and overhaul palace for female live performances. Include & other; The guanzhong detached palace three hundred, commissioner of four hundred, all have Zhong Qing, covered, the woman ChangYou & throughout; Amount to tens of thousands of people. Du Muceng as “e pang gong fu” in tang dynasty, wrote to the ancient qin dynasty palace of biting today: & other; Concubines Ying Qiang, prince huang, sun house downstairs, chariot to the qin dynasty, alborada night string, Qin Gong population.

stars twinkling, open makeup mirror also; Green cloud swirl, comb xiao Huan also; Water also nutrient-laden flow up greasy, abandon fat; Smoke oblique cross, burning pepper too. The thunder at first surprised, house car also; Stomach is far to listen to, nor do not know it also. A muscle a capacity, do state very yan, he made hyperopia, and looked at her love. Have not see, 36 years. Throughout the &; The qin dynasty imperial ministries, maids and ladies to dress up like a cloud strife, looking forward to the emperor comes very vivid. However, & other; Have not see, 36 years & throughout; , that is to say, thirty six year of the reign of emperor qin shi huang, some palace claustrophobic in palace, lifelong failed to meet the emperor.