Reveal true Yang warrior: zong-bao Yang the lady takes command does not exist Yang jiye die of hunger

Beijing Opera “women general of Yang family” grand war scenes.

ash Q version of the “women general of Yang family & middot; the lady takes command”

Yang Yanzhao tapestry portrait.

comic “Yang warrior Yang Qilang titled” cover

art comes from life, but higher than life. Don’t exaggerate, not typical, profiling, not take a variety of synthetic one, the charm of art and want to make some discount. To one thousand, the story of the Yang warrior in the process of this kind of artistic gradually fullness, rich, satisfied people to the valiant ones am, treacherous court official of the scourge, hate to bad king. This is one thousand years the Chinese people in the face of foreign intrusion and western powers, resist aggression, defend, the pursuit of peace and hope of a better. In order to pursue this kind of hope, Yang Lao to male died, six lang, zong-bao Yang, Yang wen-goang Yang inherit legacy to continue fighting; Men sacrificed, measure too gentleman and the lady takes command women inherit his legacy continues to battlefield; Yang exhaust of the master died, assume, the maid will inherit legacy to continue fighting. So we know today, see the story of Yang warrior, not historical prototype, is through the dynasties artist and beautification of folklore.


true Yang warrior in the history of

no zong-bao Yang more without the lady takes command

the first generation of Yang jiye Yang warrior

captured surrender Die of hunger strike

is one of the earliest commander in chief Yang warrior Yang jiye, aka JiYe, the original is the northern han general, northern han been pacified after song dynasty, he made a general in the northern song dynasty. Because he can used to levy war, the most, so people called him & other Yang invincible & throughout; . Yang jiye recovered YanYun 16 states in the war, also being held in 986.

Yang Yeben named Yang Chonggui, his father Yang Xin is our state of the local tyrants, while five generations of chaos, occupy our states, who secretariat, because time of turmoil, successively joined after the han, erros. Young yingwu Yang Chonggui was Liu Chong value, he Yang Chonggui as sun, renamed ji-ye liu. Ji-ye liu first as a guard command that is famous for its strong, at the promotion work to build our time.

because ji-ye liu distinguished itself, invincible, claims to be invincible. Northern han after death, ji-ye liu to northern song dynasty, song taizong element known ji-ye liu, granted him left leading general, zhengzhou defense. Ji-ye liu song dynasty, the copy surnamed Yang, single inheritance. Song taizong to defense liao state rich experience, with Yang jiye sent him to the generation of state mooring military forces deployed in to three, for Pan Mei restraint. Liao army of kingdom from attacked in yanmenguan Yang jiye from path led hundreds of cavalry to liao army behind, and Pan Mei force between before and after the liao army, kill the liao country in our xu shi xiao li, duh but sides are command “ma bu” or horse stance just look how lee, captured many BingJia steeds.

Yang jiye due to power up the cloud state observation. In 986, YanYun 16 states in the war, because the Lord Pan Mei, error command and grip of the wang xian, Yang jiye defeat, by liao army captured. All Yang Yezhi yan-yu Yang and co-produced Wang Gui, He Huaipu happeneth to death. Yang jiye captured unyielding, die of hunger strike for three days.

Yang warrior of the second generation Yang Yanzhao

combat prowess Evidence repeatedly

Yang jiye is the first generation of Yang warrior, fame, most the most heroic sacrifice. Yang warrior is the representative figure of the second generation is the son of Yang jiye Yang Yanzhao. Yang Yanlang Yang Yanzhao true name, for the sake of taboo, and renamed Yang Yanzhao. Yang Yanzhao under the influence of his father and become a professional soldier. YongXi three years the northern expedition, Yang Yanzhao with fathers, attack when it is mined here Yang Yanzhao attack as a striker, was blows through the arm, but he is more fierce combat. Yang jiye died later, takashi Yang Yanzhao by promoted to officer for agreement. Then as a bartender edge state patrol, in hebei border frontier.

northern song dynasty salt flat for two years, liao country south to invade. Yang Yanzhao is hence city, hence the city is small, and not prepared for the defense, besieged by liao army, panic in the city, and Yang Yanzhao called able-bodied man in the city, awarded the weapons, cooperate Song Jun, efforts to adhere to. When the dead of winter, Yang Yanzhao man carry water on the walls, overnight frozen into the ice, wall smooth and hard to climb, liao army onslaught cannot continue, have to retreat, Song Jun seized the liao army abandoned military equipment. This is a story of condenser freezing city. Later he has evidence, named au, Yang Yanzhao because keep credit, promotion, frequently JingDe two years, was awarded high Yang Yanzhao sunlight are deployed. Yang Yanzhao in large and medium-sized few over seven years, and died on, aged 57.

Yang warrior of the third generation Wen-goang Yang

Fan zhongyan appreciate


wen-goang Yang is Yang Yanzhao third son. Beg thief wen-goang Yang, zhang hai, awarded the temple. Later met soothe shaanxi fan zhongyan, fan zhongyan in conversation found wen-goang Yang is very talented, just bring him around. Guangxi, the marrying general have wen-goang Yang was expropriated, but at the moment of wen-goang Yang was a nobody. Hong ping, the selection of enemies and generals, Song Ying thought wen-goang Yang is a star, but also credit, promote wen-goang Yang yong ying to make into a state, the dragon to four compartments are command, move xing state defense, Qin Fenglu vice manager. He took part in the defence against the xixia.

anja sent wen-goang Yang led the troops in hichiriki fortification, control arteries and defense xixia. Wen-goang Yang first threatened to spray to the bead fortification, then rate the army rushed to hichiriki, dusk to reach his destination does not fear the night repair city village, built fortifications, ready to fight. The second day morning, xixia cavalry to see Song Jun already occupy vantage, ready, can only helplessly retreat, wen-goang Yang sent by air will attack, gains a lot of the enemy. Emperor reward, and reward, and appointed him know RongJun I road, deputy director, state town YuHou step moving army. Liao and song dynasty a dispute on the generation of state boundaries. Wen-goang Yang give play to the diagram and captured YouYan strategy, haven’t wait for the echo of the court, wen-goang Yang died of ren, confer posthumously he state observation with northern song dynasty.

no zong-bao Yang Yang warrior in history, actually also does not have the lady takes command. But there is the existence of measure too gentleman, measure too gentleman original surname, fold, fold his brother was named imperial qing (958 ~ 995), then government secretariat of state. Ji (dry married two years (949) and ji-ye Yang.


Yang warrior story of process

invented many of the characters

when the northern song dynasty that is spread all over the world

& other; Yang warrior & throughout; Story takes place in the early years of the northern song dynasty, in the middle of the song dynasty has been rapidly spread in the world. Northern song dynasty famous writer OuYangXiuCeng wrote an article, praised Yang jiye, Yang Yanzhao & other; Both father and son who, throughout the bravely as invincible &; And points out that Yang warrior story widely at all levels of society at that time. Another top the list of eight people of tang and song dynasty famous characters, su zhe also wrote a & other; Yang invincible throughout temple &; , su zhe is not too far from the death of Yang jiye s, his poems from another side confirmed the influence of Yang warrior story in song dynasty.

when the southern song dynasty created zong-bao Yang

in the southern song dynasty, the folk artists Yang warrior into this story, in the folk spread more. Because of the northern song dynasty by foreign enemy in the end, the southern song dynasty adherents of the mood of the hero is very strong. In the process of circulating, Yang warrior story by folk artists has carried on the bold imagination and artistic processing, a lot of amazing stories and characters to be embraced. The most representative of the southern song dynasty big blanch xu’s “shines more than recorded”, in the book the general Yang Si Yang Yanzhao time upon the merits of Ann to d, and created zong-bao Yang, also conceived Yang warrior father give his life to rescue the plot of emperor taizong of song dynasty.

after the Ming dynasty art species more abundant

in the yuan dynasty, Yang warrior story form and to have the new development, in the drama, such as “heaven tower staircase of steal bone science” and so on. Appeared in the Ming dynasty, Yang warrior further enrich the story, “Yang warrior kingdoms,” the biography of Yang warrior, Yang warrior story to the novel, widely circulated in the form of ballad. These stories reflect the span of time, from the reign has been wrote the song song MAO god Zhao Xu, about one hundred years of history, weaving the heroic story of Yang’s generation resistance between the two generations.

in mid and late Ming dynasty, the imperial court weak and foreign eye, this situation is similar to how the song dynasty, Yang warrior become best weapon by ancient words today. Ming, on the other hand, the government has also greatly admired Yang warrior, hoping to promote royalism. Folk artists on the basis of the legend and drama, based on a historical novels, such as Ming dynasty JiZhenLun Yang warrior popular fictions, coupled with the qing dynasty Xiong Damu the biography of the northern song dynasty, these two books make Yang warrior story, for later opera and rap literature provides rich material. Ming and qing dynasties, depicting the Yang warrior on opera stage plays have more than 360 a. Until today, the Peking Opera and other local operas also often display the koga agent “, such as the spearhead of the lady takes command repertoire. These novels and dramas, and the historical facts and has a large, became a legendary hero. In addition, the “four travel notes” in the “east travel notes” with & other; Yang warrior big broken sky-door maze & throughout; The genie stories; “The water margin” also has the emoo offspring green beast yangzhi account.

after qing dynasty Yang warrior story more plump

since the qing dynasty, based on the Yang warrior kingdoms and the northern song dynasty golden gun complete biography “, “two Wolf mountain”, “sky-door maze”, “twelve widow) west”, “ping min 18 hole” (i.e., “Ellen pau wide advertise south”) such as ZhongChangPian novel. In addition, “said shout complete biography”, “all flowers floor”, “said yue complete biography” the also interspersed with some Yang warrior characters in the book of the story. Qing dynasty, many storyteller artist Yang warrior’s story into ballad, GuShu, passed on from rap. In the review, GuShu Yang warrior, also known as “stolen makin gun”, mainly describing Yang jiye, Yang Yanzhao, zong-bao Yang three generations of the hero’s saga, from & other; The golden beach & throughout; To & other; Sky-door maze & throughout; The check. At that time, the overpass ballad artist in Beijing, “bao”, “DE case-solving”, “SanXia WuYi”, “Yang warrior”, “the legend of yue fei” is often said that the bibliography.

since the new period, especially on television has not yet universal, ballad singing became very popular art form. In the 1980 s, ballad famous lan-fang liu Yang warrior complete biography “(109) back a long sweet, reach the level of the whole. In the 1990 s, ballad famous professional, the invitation of liaoning TV station recorded “Yang warrior” (102). Professional storyteller is humorous, kind touching, very popular.

beginning in the 1980 s, the film and television play in all versions of Yang warrior as the theme of the film and television play emerge in endlessly.

these spread and show, mostly to the art processing characters and the plot, and invented many of the characters. Such as prototype Pan Mei Pan Ren beauty though misdirected, but there is no persecution of Yang’s father and son. These fictions and processing, make the character more plump, the valiant ones more obvious compared with the treacherous, artistic appeal is stronger. The reporter ming-chun zhang