Revelation of Beijing’s most luxurious four private club membership assets of 50 million (pictured)

& lt; P> In capital with private clubs, the most dazzling is invested by hong kong-invested changan club, China will, and claims to be & other; China’s first rich club & throughout; The city of the club and the global chain club America, namely & other; Beijing’s big four clubs & throughout; . & lt;/p> & lt; P> Changan club & lt;/p> & lt; P> Changan club on changan avenue & other; Modern palace & throughout; , the establishment of time: in October 1996, investors: ms Chen fuhua group in Hong Kong. Main members: foreign members top is given priority to, the world renowned domestic member mainly for business elites, such as li ka-shing, Henry fok, Mr Yang. Address: chang ‘an avenue of Beijing no. 10 & lt;/p> & lt; P> Changan club is located in an inch of gold feet on changan avenue, zhichizhiyao and tiananmen square. Step into the gate resplendent and magnificent imitation during which impressively in the item, valuable rosewood screen, furnishing articles, etc., heroism is dye-in-the-wood. & lt;/p>

& lt; P> The club membership is subject to strict audit, the mainland boss limit between 45 to 55 years old male, the company’s assets of at least 50 million above, best can speak English. Staff can accurate shout out each member name, and a member of knowledge. The picture shows the Chinese restaurant. & lt;/p>