Revelation “red star over China” American journalists how to break through the blockade reported that the red army

“red star over China” Chinese translation published in 1938, using the soft-core title “red star over China”.

red records

& other; Never a man can do in China & lsquo; Saviour & rsquo; , but there is no denying the fact that you think him a master the fate of the power & hellip; & hellip; In this extremely rich historical sense, MAO zedong may likely to be a very great man. Throughout the &;

in Louis & middot; Rewi alley in the poem is called & other; Throughout the American dream home &; The Edgar & middot; Snow was the first to break the iron wall of news blockade to enter the Chinese red area of the American journalist, he was in the “red star over China” (formerly known as “red star over China”) is described in MAO zedong.

1936 security guards in 4 months, the snow almost every night to the address of MAO zedong’s conversation, hope to solve the article begins with 80 about this piece of red land & other; Jiu ge & throughout; . Books caused great sensation, “red star over China” has become a loyal writing the first book of Chinese red area.

in 1936, the communist party of China has just successfully completed their retreat from the southeast to the northwest of China is big, and in the strategy of the united front against Japanese imperialist aggression. Such as the United States prestigious China watchers fairbank Mr Wrote in the preface, while the communist party of China wants to go public with his fighting course, Edgar & middot; The foreign journalists in China red snow area. Snow was in the stand and spent seven years as a journalist in China, his state to China and insight into the thoughts and feelings of the Chinese youth, make him & other; Have is almost the only able to feel the continuous development of the Chinese communist movement strong appeal. Throughout the &;

before the snow explore red China, the communist party of China has 15 years history. During this period, the international communist movement in China is a series of failed to solve problems. People at that time, the communist party of China are usually called & other; Red bandit & throughout; , no western observers direct contact with their leadership, who did not report it to the outside world. And snow think: & other; In order to find out the truth of the matter, is worth to take the head of a foreigner to take the risk? Throughout the &;

he deeply GongDou security (now shaanxi zhidan), field had an interview with the communist party of China and the Soviet people, through the struggle, the production and the life of the Soviet area, collected a large number of precious historical materials and pictures, break through the enemy’s heavy blockade, truly record the northwest revolutionary base in our country (in yanan as the center of the shensi-kansu-ningsia border region) for on-site interview had seen and heard, reported the China and the Chinese red army of workers and peasants, and many of the red army leaders, the situation of the red army generals, clarified about red China to the world of mystery, objective and fair to convey the red Chinese voice. He found a & other; Live throughout China &; , found hidden in the power of millions of working people, and assert that China’s future is in their hands.

return to Peiping, snow for British and American newspapers wrote many blockbuster communication, finally converge into a book called red star over China, in October 1937, the “red star over China” golan, by the London company was first published, stir in the world. At the beginning of 1938, Chinese translation in Shanghai to & other; After club & throughout; Name published, given the circumstances, the use of the more obscure the title of “red star over China”.

about the meaning of the book, soong ching ling in the memory of Edgar & middot; snow a wrote: & other; On both sides of the Pacific will future generations of snow, because he’s legacy will help them study the history of China. Throughout the &;

on February 15, 1972, snow, died of cancer in Geneva, Switzerland. During the sick, he left a will: & other; I love China, I would like to after death left a part of me in there, like when I’m alive & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; Part in accordance with his wishes, his ashes buried in China, where the unnamed lake in Beijing university.

“red star over China” of the communist party of China people further realize the importance of publicity by foreign journalists. Later, strang, smedley, sinus, Du Erting, fauci, carlson reporters came to interview and travel all around China.