RON eng Richter: from the grassroots graffiti people to pop art master

RON & middot; Eng in the

fleshy McDonald’s uncle, dressed up as “the last supper,” characters in the image of Mickey Mouse, dress up weird teletubbies & hellip; & hellip; On July 21, 23 June solstice was regarded as a new generation of Andy & middot; Warhol’s pop art master RON & middot; English and hosted the first British personal works exhibition in London, hopes to have multiple moral work let people have deep thinking on popular culture.

Pop, translation of English Pop Art. This kind of art form originating in Britain in the 1950 s, after because to Andy & middot; Warhol represented by a group of stars and artists influence and get great progress in the United States, let the Pope in the items such as clothing, cigarettes, gummed paper, rock and roll music. The so-called pop art, in a nutshell is around objects, such as cartoon, movie posters, star, high heels and other consumer goods through the deconstruction and collage, repeat the artistic creation.

eng is in the following Andy & middot; Warhol, another is called a modern pop art heavyweight godfather of the artist. He was involved in the art field is very broad, including album design, graffiti art, painting, and the trend of the toy design, etc. In English and work, people always see familiar images or characters, in English and reinterpretation, bring unexpected newness. Typically works include wheat fat (English design into a big fat man’s McDonald’s uncle), Marilyn & middot; Mickey (Marilyn & middot; Monroe and Mickey Mouse), and Charlie & middot; Brown doll (snoopy cartoon is designed to be alternative doll boy). English in a spoof popular and subversion of classic cartoon characters, irony and challenge the worship of idols symbols in the society, his works unique creative ideas and claborate-style painting style has distinct characteristics of The Times.

now, English prices between 18000 pounds to 135000 pounds, for art has been seen as life is short, mass production of cheap goods of pop art, has made a major breakthrough in value. For the graffiti & other; Throughout career &; ‘s English, he may also didn’t think he has a day can really eat their art.

was born in 1959 in the United States Illinois eng and grew up in poverty, a shabby little house car is his home. At that time, my father works in a factory, but English and until now all don’t know exactly what to do in this factory. & other; I only know that it’s a rundown of the factory, a lot of work there workers finally died of brain cancer. As a teenager, I had to apply for, but they didn’t want me. Throughout the &; English is less than the age of 20, moved to the southern United States in Dallas, Texas, find a job of building gypsum board wall, it is from that time on, he and painting edge. Every evening after work, English is painting on the wall the drywall. & other; I come from the bottom, so in the process of growth and no contact with any art, I only know that comic book, Disney and billboards. I’m very interested in images of things, what kind of image can stay, and what will be forgotten and abandoned by people? Throughout the &; See English when the obsession with creation, he who build by laying bricks or stones wall companion all feel very surprised, and then said to him, & other; You should go to college. Throughout the &; Before long, the English into local two-year community college, then enrolled in north Texas state university, and formally started their own & other; Billboard modify movement & throughout; & ndash; & ndash; In all kinds of existing billboards impromptu changes, paintings on the walls of his works. For a long time, English hopes were maintained at a speed of 15 week billboard. He had a bunch of friends to help move the ladder, finalize the design volume clamp and glue, etc., in & around the other Guerrilla & throughout; In the artistic creation.

as the fame in the street is more and more big, the English began to have their own studio, and many galleries personal exhibition in the United States, graffiti from a grassroots people into one of the high art palace. English, however, never forget your original intention, the box art thinking and criticism on social reality. Hope that through this exhibition, he brought his ideas to the British public. & other; For thinking a while, even so I just want people to be a critical thinker. Throughout the &; The English in the UK’s solo exhibition called & other; Skin & throughout; The consistent style, continuing his art creation. Bush spent a year in England for carving and painting works exhibition, hope people & other; Looking for in appearance under the cover of true heart, under multiple voices and multiple layers know yourself & throughout; .