Sa beining responded to chapter “and” write a doggerel: rumors into a soap opera

sa beining: ziyi, we might ignore the group of layman. Lines (design)

sa beining appeared in the new show.

fake really not, as rumours that he write love doggerel

the sa beining deserves to be as the mouth, a sa beining gossip been linked with zhang ziyi, sa beining finally to clarify the gossip, articulate and clarified, the gift is amazing, 1 & other; Poems wrote: bosom xiao belly ascaris, than unfortunately can pinch will be counted. Mouth of absurd rumours, qian donkey tongue rot skill. Throughout the &;

23 point 36 points yesterday, for love with zhang ziyi became the focus of sa beining, dash forward show a set of CCTV, the official host China’s first youth television public class “speak now”. Although the program is started in the middle of the night, but the super popular sa beining, still attracted a large audience to stay up late to watch. At the same time, a large number of fans, zhang ziyi have also give & other; And the little brother & throughout; Tied up. Oddly, 10 hours before airing sa beining suddenly on his microblog, for the first time in response to rumors and zhang ziyi, sa beining angry fulminating against rumors that: & other; Rumors can be woven out perseverance soap opera? Throughout the &;

sa beining appearance in the middle of the night “speak now” and Chen kun debate

23 point 36 points yesterday, China’s first youth TV program “speak now” public class, comprehensive on CCTV channel, handsome Chen, as the first guests.

Chen last night lecture on the topic of the apothiosis don’t panic, “tells the story of his years in show business, and do good things, take sport by themselves & other; Inferiority & throughout; Slowly toward & other; Confident & throughout; Journey, drawing from childhood & other; Reading quirks & throughout; When it comes to today’s & other; The power of walking & throughout; . Let every young friends present to feel the heart strong.

legal programs from sa beining, transformation “speak now” guests, particular nature. In toastmasters, and little brother constantly bring audience & other Surprise & throughout; Wit and humor. On the show, sa beining poking fun at the students & other; Three steps down Chen kun & throughout; The & other; Little affectations & throughout; And the atmosphere will be dispatched to the right.

responsible for “speak now” propaganda miss Kim, told reporters, the west China metropolis daily in the morning today sa beining presided over the first “speak now” show was a great success, especially after a large number of 90 viewers to rush sa beining, JiaoHaoSheng. Miss Kim said: & other; Then a few nights, sa beining will continue to host. Wang shi, Yang liwei, deng yaping, lang lang, li shaohong, wang chao songs, zhao qizheng, jian-xiong ge will have to “speak now” stage, to share their life experience and feeling of life. Throughout the &;

for the first time in response to rumours & other; Is assigned a soap opera throughout the &;

with the international film star zhang ziyi sa beining relationship was reported, rumors around the two men had never broken. First that sa beining romantic marriage proposal, and then pass the United States bought, zhang ziyi is pregnant, and then pass the sa beining led by CCTV, please go to tea talk, etc. After the relationship has been taken sa beining response. Time yesterday morning, the distance of the school now broadcast the first 10 hours, sa beining suddenly on twitter, for the first time in response to these reports, and other Rumors can perseverance into soap operas. Throughout the &;

sa beining wrote on twitter: & other; Proposed at the second generation, the us bought a person of extraordinary powers curtilage. Leadership talk about, fool then. Rumors can perseverance into a soap opera, admire! Sincerely to a communal hand on her knees. These children imagination to inverse the day, the dog blood spill forcefully. Who say that China’s lack of creativity, I heel who nasty back & hellip; & hellip; Poems wrote: bosom xiao belly ascaris, than unfortunately can pinch will be counted. Mouth of absurd rumours, qian donkey tongue rot skill. Throughout the &;

west China metropolis daily reporter Du Enhu