Scholars and the Chinese medicine: bai juyi attacking Dan medicine Su shi is proficient in health

the ancients called the doctor & other Throughout keeps the &; , the scholar, the reader also. So closely associated with traditional Chinese medicine scholars. In Chinese history, many bookman, everyone can make fu poetry, not only to celebrities but also proficient in medicine, is both familiar with the medical literature. Tang poetry, song ci, QuFu, novel contains medical knowledge, knowledge is the number.

bai juyi is great realistic poet in the tang dynasty, he wrote poetry involves many aspects, involving only the motherland medicine content of Chinese materia medica alone more than 1, 100. He has a variety of illnesses, explore cure heal, live to be 74 (at the time the 74 – year – old can calculate on the longevity of a person). When Dan medicine in order to prolong life, forever, god’s immortal culture, to bai juyi enumerates many famous people take Dan medicine poisoning events, attacked the Dan medicine in poetic form, publicity and Dan medicine harm to human body, the posterity to commandment.

writer liu zongyuan and liu yuxi in tang dynasty is a pair of good friend in the literary world in the tang dynasty. Although liu zongyuan had been denounced in liuzhou when a young officer, but still maintained the noble personality. For local people to do something can good at the same time, also wrote many excellent work handed down from ancient times. At that time, the communication connection is not very convenient, liu zongyuan adopted various methods to keep in touch with friends. When learned that liu yuxi mood is bad, liu zongyuan and wrote a poem poems to give him. These four words are: & other; Will do in April in early may, scraping the broken window paper and then paste. Her husband into Beijing three years ago, sent a letter to half word no. Throughout the &; Most of the scholars understand traditional Chinese medicine at that time, liu zongyuan poem: four taste traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), hope friends in guessing with pleasure. Liu yuxi liu zongyuan to his poetry, thoughtfully for a moment with a smile, just guess the answer to a riddle, turned out to be four taste traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), is in turn: pinellia, windproof, angelica, angelica dahurica.

the unconstrained ci school in the song dynasty poet xin qiji, there have been several first term spread all over the world, fascinating reading. & other; Mountain road in the wind to grass incense, more than the rain cool idea to hu bed. QuanShiGaoHuang what I have, more disease, windproof monthly fee. Betray mountain Jane drunk, alone, so should know grass xuan son is busy. Lake sea had known power, who with? Only f shochiku desolate. Throughout the &; This song named “constant turmoil” word, each contains a long sentence types, respectively is: radix aucklandiae, yu surplus grain, gypsum, windproof, dichroa, gardenia, seaweed, spikenard, etc. Both expressed the meaning, and don’t seem far-fetched.

su dongpo, a literary legend. His talents who wears, prolific, resilience and easy. At the same time in medicine, longer than the keeping in good health. In his poems, involved about the medical theory of the number of the medicine. He writes a book Sue learn Turkish, recorded the part of the unilateral, prescription and medicine mixed with, the content of preserve one’s health, with the northern song dynasty famous scientist shen kua after writing the book for et.al. “Sue Shen Liangfang”. In “su dongpo corpus”, there is a “gift eye if medical Wang Shengyan poems said: people of the two eye like & other; Coloured glaze combined storage (water vapor) night, crispy don’t touch, and between, between ShiFeng arrowheads in the tip of the (gold). Viewers neck for shrinkage, composed of dispute aforetime & throughout; . The poem to praise Wang Yanre exquisite gold dial “(cataracts) technology. The poet is not only good medicine, but noble medical ethics. Che tsung period of five years, an epidemic, su shi was transferred to hangzhou for the year, he did not hesitate to give recipe & other; The scattered children & throughout; , save a lot of people.

in the works of ancient writers, widely involved in medical treatment, disease, and drug use, preserve one’s health is a dream of red mansions. A dream of red mansions is the best novel in ancient China, is to understand China’s feudal society’s encyclopedia. Cao xueqin in its & other; Full paper absurd speech, a sad tears & throughout; A molten immortal masterpiece, shows his talent in many aspects. Also fully shows the medicine of the outstanding talent and deep strength. In a dream of red mansions, old and young, sick is really a lot. Dai jade have been weak, because the family circumstances change become & other; A baby & throughout; And sponsor rong-guo mansion. Often blame life thin, narrow, cause suspicion, increasingly aggravating illness. Back in eighty-three, Mr. Wang said: after confirmed & other; Six pulse string, due to ease at ordinary times & throughout; . Explain the disease from qi depression. His analysis of the illness from MaiLi & other; Often dizziness, due to reduced food, more than a dream. Every even, will wake up a few times. That day is not to do your own thing, also need to air, and more paranoid fear. Rejects suspected temperament weird, actually liver Yin losses, a better mousetrap attenuation & throughout; . He has written a MaiAn tells us: the disease of the dai jade, the feelings of depression, from the horizontal string, it is very depressive fire, from the smouldering spleen lost the sputum of they are into, in liver Yin losses, a better mousetrap inwardly attenuation, and systemic organ failure. Eventually dai jade so silent leave, she died of medical: disease by qi depression, in stasis.