Scholars found that the largest prime number: the number of more than 17 million

the university of central Missouri some mathematical scholars found that so far the largest prime number more than 17 million.

ap 6, these scholars found that the prime last month, is a 48 mersenne prime.

prime, prime, is in an integer greater than 1 can only be divided exactly by 1 and itself. Mersenne prime by the French mathematician malan & middot; Mason, refers to the form such as 2 minus one of the prime power of P, and P itself is also a prime number.

so far, maths found a total of 48 mersenne prime. The central university of Missouri last month found that a prime number is 2, 57885161 times the power minus one.

a computing program confirmed that either 57885161 or 57885161 times the power of 2 minus one, is a prime number.

this is the central third mersenne primes found at the university of Missouri.