Scholars spent ten famous towers joint properties for a purely speculation: could not succeed

a few days ago, the Chinese society of relics protection of historical cultural towers has been launched by professional committee of yueyang tower, yellow crane tower, tengwang pavilion, the stork finches, penglai pavilion, grand view pavilion, reading jiang floor, as pavilion, drum tower, tianyi pavilion top ten history and culture towers to declare the material culture heritage, on November 2 to 4, 2012 Chinese history and culture in changsha towers mayor BBS and the ninth towers at the annual meeting formally signed a “China top ten towers joint declaration of the United Nations declaration of material cultural heritage in changsha. The news I was hot, everybody have questioned that towers joint properties but ten famous towers is combined properties for the first step.

Each participant said

ningbo tianyi pavilion museum deputy curator He Yugong

protection should be given priority

now towers meeting every ten famous towers, united in support of this idea was first put forward this year, we are also just learned that are currently active discussion on the matter. But it is well known that the properties of road will be very long, but “no”, the most important is or how to protect and make good use of tianyi pavilion, further excavate towers culture at the same time, this is what we really want to see. Of course, if really on joint properties for this road, we will in accordance with the standards of world heritage for development, in the process also want people to focus on, put forward good advice, because tianyi pavilion is the public’s heritage.

in the present stage, we are the preventive protection work in the first place. At the same time, it is worth noting that the tianyi pavilion in the top ten towers has its particularity, it is different from other floor, because it is not the bright spot of the architectural culture, tianyi pavilion is not only a scenic spot, at the same time, it is a place where books, is a museum of ancient rare books, so it is China’s long book collection culture. And the joint ShenYiZhi matter, we also hope to promote, enhance the connotation of tianyi pavilion itself, pass Chinese book collection culture better to the general public.

wuhan yellow crane tower park service culture research center wang

properties for the current intention is only a

yellow crane tower in wuhan city park service culture research center staff wang tells a reporter, “the legend of the yellow crane tower” last year has been approved by the ministry of culture of the state council as a state-level non-material cultural heritage. For & other; China’s top ten historical and cultural towers will collective support & throughout; , Ms. Wang said that it is very good, for the yellow crane tower, if can declare world cultural heritage succeed will be more on a floor, but there is just such an intention. Towers annual meeting on November this year held in changsha, 2 to 4, will sign the “China top ten towers joint declaration of the United Nations declaration of material cultural heritage of changsha. & other; Specific properties for when to start, how to declare, what procedure to need to wait for years after the group discussion at the meeting agreed to know. But what is certain is that support is not an easy thing, process is not short. Throughout the &;

in the face of the public to talk about the yellow crane tower now & other; Too young & throughout; , whether in support & other On & throughout; , wang said, rebuilt in 1985 completed the yellow crane tower is a fact, but its own culture, connotation will not be lost, to declare world cultural heritage is more prominent for its cultural heritage, for later generations to understand its besides building itself more profound cultural meaning.

Each expert view

tongji university’s national famous historical and cultural city, director of the research centre, professor ruan yisan

protect towers is more important than the support of

the first thing you need to clear that what is the purpose of the properties for? Is for the sake of the interest better inheritance and protection. This time China’s top ten towers quasi joint properties, regardless of success or not, it reflects the is now a impetuous mentality. In the top ten towers there are a number of building is new, it is not conform to the principle of world heritage was true, maybe after hundreds of years after the test, these towers can support, but absolutely not now, people should have respect for history.

of course, the local government and the scenic area said the properties is to better protect these towers, transmission towers culture of China. But this argument is untenable, I have been to Britain to investigate many historic city, they s are very old, such as bath, york, Cambridge, over the years is still intact, if we now according to the logic, they should go to support, and of these, only bath is a world heritage site, other city doesn’t have to apply for, in their opinion in support is just a form, if the protection and restoration work, from their own side let sites emit its charm, so “don’t support can continue its historical and cultural heritage. This is actually a very worthy of Chinese local governments and scenic spot to learn.

special researcher of Chinese academy of social sciences research center, professor wang

towers joint properties is hype

support is not an entertainment event, it is early for a convention agreed, and apply the concept of world heritage is always won’t change, it is performed under legal process. And specifically, first of all, from the construction of new and old degree ten famous towers have shortcomings, it is not the same as the top ten towers area, carried by the architectural form is different, culture and history is different also, that in itself should not put together a joint properties, because if the cross-regional properties must have similarity and continuity, such as imperial tomb near Beijing. So together, joint support of the ten famous towers completely impossible, is a pure speculation.

but why now all still vigorously try very hard to push this matter? This reflects the local officials to the mindset of a quick buck. Now a lot of European experts think many properties for projects in China are very funny, but local government officials don’t see, so they think properties is doing something, spend how many money all not afraid, but after the properties, such as when successful, tourism and other aspects of the economic income can bring a lot of ascension to record. I believe they also should know the joint properties are unlikely to succeed, but the purpose of the visitors attention is reached.