Scientists new theory that the earth 4.5 billion years ago the big bang to make the earth month apart

scientists simulated explosion diagram of earth 4.5 billion years ago.

the practical science

as you know, the moon is a satellite of the earth, but how did the moon form? The scientific community has not yet been determined. Recently scientists have put forward a new theory, the core of the earth 4.5 billion years ago a big bang & other; Fried & throughout; Out of the moon. Dutch scholar west len, originally is also part of the earth, the moon, 4.5 billion years ago, the earth’s own a large nuclear explosion will the earth and the moon & other; Blow up & throughout; Separation, thus formed the moon now.

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“on the origin of species” author Charles & middot; Darwin’s son George & middot; Darwin put forward in 1879: the early earth rotation speed is very fast, this star in the center of gravity is greater than the centrifugal force, gravity, however a repulsive force lead to its own part of the material from the earth, formed the moon now.

fisher in 1882 from the viewpoint of geophysics, on the basis of Darwin further determined that the moon is in the earth’s early history, is due to its rotation effects with the tidal action of the sun were split out of resonance effect.

he also advocates the Pacific are scars left over from a catastrophic event. But this hypothesis has been questioned by the scientific community, the reason for this is not a scientist can explain what is quality of power energy will be part of the size of the moon rejection to orbit.

since then, scientists have proposed & other; Big collision & throughout; Theory that is a mars-sized object hit the original earth, impact produced many pieces, these pieces together to become the moon. However, this hypothesis has now challenged by empirical evidence.

get a lot of moon rock samples was taken from the humans to the moon, last year, the university of Chicago for the samples for chemical analysis and found that the moon rocks and earth rock on oxygen, silicon, potassium isotope composition completely consistent, which means that the moon and the earth is homogenous.

the center of the earth with nuclear reactor

van west len said, originally is a part of the earth, the moon makes the separation to the moon huge energy comes from the interior of the earth.

the past 60 years, academic circles have view inside the earth’s core, a huge nuclear reactor. Scientists believe that these heavier elements such as uranium and plutonium will sink toward the center of the earth, finally will be in the form of liquid accumulation in the earth’s core. If the concentration of radioactive elements is high enough, it will lead to a nuclear chain reaction at supercritical state, causing a huge explosion.

van west len thinks, because the center of the earth 4.5 billion years ago gathered a large number of nuclear reactors to hide more than a certain critical value, which caused a huge explosion, the released energy equivalent to 40 billion throwing to the Japanese city of Hiroshima bomb during the second world war the United States. Such a terrible explosion, the moon & other; Blow up & throughout; .

however, there are other scientists believe that even if the earth did the presence of large amounts of natural nuclear reactors, they would still need a lot of research to show that the energy of the reactor is capable of & other; Create & throughout; A moon. (roc)