Secret of cotton-padded jacket, novelist baichen Chen daughter have parents love half a century

that night, she personally for dad made a Chinese cotton-padded jacket, if for no other, only in the stiff collar lining have GeBei hid her letter & ndash; & ndash; Wrote a letter for over six paper letter! I don’t trust, quietly asked mum: & other; Dad how can know the secrets of cotton-padded jacket? Throughout the &; Mom just answer me a word: & other; Heart first whiff! Throughout the &;

a: maybe it’s the heads of dad too dazzling, mom was I ignored for a long time; A: maybe it’s mom I experience is too ordinary, I have never asked about her life.

it is a headwinds night & ndash; & ndash; Dad just died before long, mom said she can not sleep, wanted to talk with me, so for the first time I hear mother tells the story of her own.

& other; I believe in my life is & lsquo; Love is the highest & rsquo; . Throughout the &; This open head, her voice is very low, without the slightest hesitation, & other; I know, your generation can’t understand, even despise me & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;

& other; Marry you is my voluntary, bear poverty is my voluntary & throughout;

what is & other; Love is the highest & throughout; , our generation has indeed can’t understand. But mom to dad & other; First & throughout; Has touched me deeply, I soon in the age of their own chilling & ndash; & ndash; baichen Chen JiChuan “book, write down the process of both of them from acquaintance to love, that was in 1939, dad need because of the injured, came to chongqing gele mountain in a small town named high shop & ndash; & ndash;

& hellip; & hellip; Master Yang Yingwu is young, but already has a son and a daughter. His wife called shu-hua jin (this is the name of the mother before, after marrying dad changed its name to jin ling, is dad gave him the), not much said much, always love with deep big eyes when having a meal from time to time to the new guest at a look, inside there is a curious, is revered, of course, the longing for the outside world and daydream.

baichen Chen (1908-1994), playwright. As a promotion the figure “, “the crow and the sparrows”, “wind song”, “the true story of ah Q”, etc., & other; Established the important position in the history of political comedy in the Chinese modern theater & throughout; (the Chinese modern drama, “university & other; The woman is really simple, so young, like a just a school female students! Throughout the &; & ndash; & ndash; This is the mistress of the first impression for my father.

& other; How old you this year? Throughout the &; A Yang Yingwu isn’t at home, my dad can’t help but to her open mouth, though he knew just about a woman’s age is impolite.

& other; 21 years old, is a horse, born in 1918. Throughout the &;

& other; So young! Then you & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; My father didn’t seem to happy, also want to know something about it.

& other; Are the parents’s life! Even high school didn’t let me finish & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; & other; Female students & throughout; Prominent eyes dim down, she silently bowed his head.

my father all of a sudden panic: & other; I’m sorry, shouldn’t have asked you that. Throughout the &; Him to turn the topic, the hope can make each other happy, & other; & hellip; & hellip; Yes, I see Yang Yingwu still love you very much. Throughout the &;

& other; No, he doesn’t know what is love! Throughout the &; & other; Female students & throughout; Blurt out, unexpectedly surprise my dad. & other; I asked him several times the requirements of the divorce, he didn’t agree! Throughout the &; At this moment & other; Female students & throughout; The rim of the eye is red, she took out a handkerchief openly.

later, my father finally understand her life bit by bit & ndash; & ndash; Is jiangxi jiujiang, her father for a local assets of businessman. Because my sister owe the somebody else a debt of gratitude, zhenjiang Yang was intended to give somebody else for his sister xu daughter-in-law. Parents didn’t oppose & ndash; & ndash; During the years of son preference, the daughter’s marriage does not require them to hold too much heart. So resistance, crying, even the hunger strike, without any result, finally a sedan will miss Kim’s 2 was carried into the gate. On the day she is a fever, but his father doesn’t even have a little pity.

& other; I told Yang Yingwu, I don’t have any requirements, please only send when I get married father my $two hundred back to me, I take it to go to college. Throughout the &;

& other; Oh, you love reading? Throughout the &; My dad’s interest.

& other; Mr. Chen, to tell you the truth, you write a script for the concubine, I attended when I was in junior high school. Throughout the &; & other; Female students & throughout; The glint of light after a week, and was quickly bring down: & other; Yang Yingwu is not promise, he won’t let me go to college, his heart only money, and I was just his children tools & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;

this conversation has been off and on, but my dad that wooden box only book was & other; Female students & throughout; With a good and a local finished & hellip; & hellip;

after the book was published, I proudly took home to mom. Only to find mother was very angry after reading, only gave me a 70 points. I see: my pen can only paint in the scene, but can’t expound the mother in the heart of the & other; First & throughout; The connotation of the.

& hellip; & hellip; Then, is the Yang Yingwu finally discovered the secret of the two of them, have to down & other Marching orders & throughout; . Because of the sudden, mom can do one thing at the time, is to use a handkerchief bag a few pieces of copper, quietly into dad’s pocket, she knew that when he had no money; And dad can do one thing at the time, was secretly handed mother a piece of paper, only two words: above & other; Perseverance & throughout; .

later, mom is in a desperate from the yangs ran out, she only took a few pieces of change clothes, and not a penny to Yang. She told me that her one thousand to find a job, & other; Obtained economically independent & throughout; ; As for the pair of small children, & other; Big into the nursery, little is sent to the south bank of chongqing a nursery & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;

later, is she divorced Yang Yingwu finally completed the formalities, of course the price also is painful enough & ndash; & ndash; Dad was Yang Yingwu head gave a punch, a lot of blood. But two people finally had a friendly talk, I wrote in the book & other; What did they talk about, I don’t know; But this process, and somehow reminds me of the story with Yang Zhihua & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;

probably is because of the words, mom, don’t blame me. & ndash; & ndash; Does is this a few word says the chicheng pursuit of her generation? Is this a few word expressed by the mother of the heart & other; First & throughout; ? I still can’t easily answered.