Shajiabang & quot; 18 pine trees & quot; Prototype with only 1 person AQingSao prototype

this & other; Through & throughout; The protagonist zhi-qin wu when he was young.

in a rehabilitation hospital, short sofa zhi-qin wu old man sitting on the bed, with a magnifying glass to hand, in case of reading the newspaper on the desk and letters at any time.

modern opera “shajiabang” stills.

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love the people of modern Peking Opera “shajiabang”, must be to the end of the clashing of instruments and impressive. & other; To learn that on the top of a green pines, a standing proud sky. Nine thousand miles long storm blows but not the thunder also difficult to boom & hellip; & hellip; An 18 patients, want to be eighteen pine trees! Throughout the &; “Shajiabang” is according to the new fourth army jiangnan 1939 anti-japanese militia true story writing. From then on, & other; Pine trees throughout the &; Injured also became the reeds on the Banks of yangcheng lake, tenacious fighting in the name of the new fourth army soldiers.

74 years later, the yangzi evening news reporter in the city of wuxi archives, finding out information learned in those days & other Pine trees throughout the &; Only a person, he has been to the 90 – year – old zhi-qin wu old man. Recently, a rehabilitation hospital in wuxi, the old man took advantage of the drip of clearance, the yangzi evening news reporter mentioned again the saga.

& other; Shajiabang & throughout; Prequel

16 young to join the army fighting in the first year Shanghai Su Xi

play stronghold, Fried railway, airport, he was in the

in the archives, according to wu was born in 1923 in wuxi county Qian Qiao town creek, south village, a poor peasant family, graduated from wuxi luoshe town county normal affiliated elementary school. At the end of 1937 after the fall of wuxi, the family had to flee. In February 1939, zhi-qin wu and seven or eight classmates go to wujin see the legendary anti-japanese team, he is only 16 years old took part in the new fourth army six group and local adaptation of anti-japanese armed & other Throughout the anti-japanese volunteer jiangnan &; (hereinafter referred to as & other; Jiang & resistance throughout;) 2 in a row, and become the cultural faculty member.

wu remember after the army to participate in the opening. On May 30, 1939, zhi-qin wu’s & other; Jiang throughout & resistance; Forces ascertained after more than 10 day the stronghold in changshu, li mei village to Huang Tutang just qing township swept back up against the Japanese aggressors. Fighting the semidiurnal, killing more than 30, the Japanese also includes a colonel.

then they targeted the Japanese transport hub. On June 24th, zhi-qin wu to participate in the night the Japanese HuShuGuan station. After the investigation of the situation of the enemy, use grenades pounded the sleep of the Japanese army, killing more than 20 people, the Japanese burned the station facilities, blow up a track, interrupted beijing-shanghai line 3 days.

in early August, night fighting the hongqiao airport, wu, emotions as if indulging in wartime emergency at one time. At that time & other; Jiang throughout & resistance; A to going to with other ministries and qingpu, it encountered a puppet forces, in the pursuit of more than 60, found that the Japanese in the hongqiao airport, besieged by four weeks after the soldiers into guns, eventually shot dead wounded DiWeiJun 10 people to evacuate.

& other; Jiang throughout & resistance; In wuxi, a few months time, famous gradually, from the initial development to more than 5000 more than 1000 people.

& other; Shajiabang & throughout; Legendary

36 jiangyin war wounded his rehabilitation on the Banks of yangcheng lake

his youngest, the true story begins in the “shajiabang”

“shajiabang” reflect the true story happened in early September 1939. At that time & other; Jiang throughout & resistance; Tin danger areas, meet the kuomintang in jiangyin Gu Shan foothill & other; Secondly the home army & throughout; More than 1000 people.

on September 24, & other; Loyal & save army throughout; Commander Hu Zhaohan (” shajiabang “Hu Chuankui prototype) and the collection of more than 3000 people with & other; Jiang throughout & resistance; 3000 soldiers fighting in nine river day and night. Later, & other; Jiang throughout & resistance; Was ordered to move to the jiangyin horse town in the pond, suddenly & other; Loyal & save army throughout; Sideswipe, & other; Jiang throughout & resistance; Deputy chief of nano sacrifice, injured, one of the youngest zhi-qin wu right leg injury is serious. In order to save the effectives, & other; Jiang throughout & resistance; Westwards again. Zhi-qin wu of the injured leaves behind the changshu on the Banks of yangcheng lake hospital.

the rear hospital should be farmers house guest room, kitchen, even as their bullpen pigsty his rehabilitation wards. & other; The rear hospital & throughout; With a dozen & the other; Jiang throughout & resistance; Health teams of doctors and nurses.

puppet army and bully forces often to search, zhi-qin wu with unload door plank when bed, such as the enemy raids, they withdraw into several small boat, hidden in the river a bifurcation of the reeds. Wu, at that time, don’t really have something to eat, in addition to the occasional people risk their lives to some food, they adopt the water ling, lotus root, rehmannia root. The underserved, wounds fester is a big problem, they adopt Chinese herbal medicine cream with lard tunes; No metal forceps, dressing is replaced with chopstick.

two months later, 36 patients healed, basic again together, set up new & other; Jiang throughout & resistance; By summer (” shajiabang “, jian-guang guo prototype) commander Ren Dong road.

true & other; Pine trees throughout the &; Fit again gathered the heroine

18 zhi-qin wu led & other; Knife row & throughout; Hunting & other; Hu Chuankui & throughout;

around 1941, & other; Loyal & save army throughout; High apricot bao department with the Japanese aggressors in qingyang constantly harassed & other; Jiang throughout & resistance; Forces, 18-year-old zhi-qin wu is a brigade party branch secretary and deputy instructor at that time, was ordered to kill high department. Late on January 25, 1941, he led the second row as a striker, to the town of jiangyin tung disambiguation encounter with the enemy, & other; To play! Throughout the &; He commanded, with a dagger squad fell on the enemy. Before it gets dark, the rain is big, the charge in zhi-qin wu and a heads-up enemy, & other; Pa & throughout; Zhi-qin wu and hear the bullets flying over the ear, then two people fight of shirtless, the enemy was tall, zhi-qin wu are short, but he grabbed machine gun belts, set in the neck & other; This enemy fired, the bullet also can’t hit me & throughout; . In catching up with the help of comrades, they capture the enemy.

in wuxi city, the new fourth army history research institute, vice President of rich yao said, early May 1941, the group party book Huang Feng and military staff shirakawa to wu a task, & other; To kill Hu Zhaohan, first to remove his minions pseudo mayor huang tai town & throughout; . Zhi-qin wu investigation activity regularity of pseudo mayor for many times, find out his big bet on during the day, often concubines in the midnight, house lientang have window of door of a door can be broken Windows. That night, he and his javelin players waiting, straight at the interior room and smoothly caught pseudo mayor.

in mid-may, encirclement and suppression Hu Zhaohan time is finally ripe, international company commander to specify a row to row, led by zhi-qin wu. Rich yao said, Hu Zhaohan very cunning, snare is a group of bullies act as eyes and ears, and news is quickly ran away. After about a week, zhi-qin wu finally detected Hu Zhaohan in yangcheng lake bank xiang city area, he led the international row a boat into in the darkness.

& other; At dawn, the first in the international standing in line of the bow, vaguely see the other side of the troops in action & throughout; . International row first landing landing, machine gun class occupation catcher the favorable terrain, together with two squads hidden crawl, in charge formation, rushed to Hu Zhaohan lair. Fleeing bandit powerless to resist, to the city, the new fourth army along the river followed up, all the way also seized a batch of weapons and ammunition. Until 3 PM, at the gates to suzhou, defeated Hu Zhaohan department.

Hu Zhaohan etc. All leaders finally in 1950 were arrested.

the actual & other; Shajiabang & throughout; & gt; & gt; & gt;

“shajiabang” comes from a true story

the Peking Opera “shajiabang” of the predecessor is the Shanghai opera “LuDang flame”, by the Shanghai people’s Shanghai troupe created in 1958, is in the autumn of 1939, jiangyin county town of & other Gu Shan Secondly the home army & throughout; Fighting, not with the big troops evacuated 18 new fourth army of the wounded, in the face of puppet army WanFei collusion, the countryside & other; Scouring & throughout; The sinister environment, under the support of the local party organizations and the masses, take the bull by the horns, rebuild armed, adhere to the anti-japanese struggle.

this is a story according to the current “file through” mentioned in the relevant real fighting.

& other; Pine trees throughout the &; Prototype is 36 patients

in wuxi city, the new fourth army history research institute, vice President of rich boast is south, in fact, “shajiabang” lyrics for & other; Pine trees throughout the &; , corresponding to the real prototype of a total of 36 patients, this period of the archives through interview zhi-qin wu is one of the smallest objects.

conditioned by stage and drama, a playwright in had to 36 a except for two.

AQingSao prototype, is on behalf of the revolutionary masses

the AQingSao was a real man? Wu explains, there is no exact prototype, then changshu townships of teahouse is secretly contact the site of the new fourth army, spring tea house wife of shop-owner AQingSao and grandma is the representative of the revolutionary masses. It is their mediation, to protect the 36 of the revolutionary kindling.

& other; Shajiabang & throughout; Then

avoid chasing dives into the cesspit

gouge involving direct shrapnel

1941 summer, puppet army forces start & other; Qing township & throughout; Sport, in suzhou at a battle, zhi-qin wu right leg shot wounded, he and a batch of severe injuries again at convention. Zhi-qin wu Wang Xiangren village king sanhe, Cai Meiling old couple took care of. Enemy wantonly manhunt, once, surrounded by the enemy suddenly Wang Xiangren village, zhi-qin wu unable to move due to a hamstring injury, king three and immediately put his back to the kitchen wood house. Robbers rushed into the hospital, the feeling be nasty under, zhi-qin wu hide into the cesspit of pigsty, mouth bite a piece of straw, plans to the enemy to come in, is quite heavy, with wheat straw to breathe. Enemy is indeed search into the pigsty, didn’t see people, with the bayonet after a few left.

the enemy, but he felt a pain. Maggots in a cesspool, dung drill eats his wounds, the injury is heavier, life is grim. He nurse old ice around through the enemy sentry patrol blockade, run miles to find the local famous doctor. & other; His diagnosis of shrapnel, my legs not surgery, throughout their lives &; . So the landlord for a stand feet knife, just on the oil lamp is disinfection, act as a scalpel. Tied him on the bench press, afraid of Shouting draws, stuffed his mouth with a towel.

in the absence of anesthesia, gouging out directly with knife stand feet into his flesh, he passed out. Zhi-qin wu of the scene, & other; Because of the shrapnel position accurately, can only try to dig YiDaoDao & throughout; Beside, when he woke up, is a basin of flesh and blood.

and nurses play a couple

villagers cover final escape

but the enemy is on the wangs suspicious, after a few days again zhi-qin wu raids feel want to transfer right away. In the evening, aunt CAI, as he rushed a monk clothing, uncle wang shaving, for him, to a string of beads, back into the violet temple near him. Yet he still remember the temple in if two couples tears for his daily prayers, & other; Catch fish shrimp nets again, there will be only the hook out throughout the &; By simple comfort him. But he was a bully Shadowed zhi-qin wu and nurse old ice with the help of the underground party and turn to more remote yamadera iron. A month later, his leg back, but a monk asking around, the enemy again into the temple.

it is imperative to transfer again. He left the temple and the old ice, a reed to stay near the river, see HeBang parked in a small boat, then begged aboard to live through the night. A ship owners made a living by fishing, or resolutely decided to save them, & other; You dozen devil wounded for the people, we must send you out of the blocked area & throughout; . nullnull