Shanghai lu xun students statue be lipstick Were people with modified liquid (photo)

statue of lu xun students

(intern Alia Xu Yeqian reporters) yesterday, the net friend & other; A fish & throughout; Reflect on the beach weibo, duolun road culture celebrity street beside a statue of the theme of some students with lipstick smudge in lu xun’s mouth.

yesterday afternoon, the reporter comes to celebrities duolun road culture street, saw this group of statues. Mr Sitting in a chair, two students around the table, attentive listening teaching. Reporter saw, one of the students were lipstick & other; Made up & throughout; (see figure Xu Yeqian was taken), the statue of dark face appears a bit eerie red.

of people living near the revealed that these statues were once people use correction fluid alter, use a weapon damage, but it’s not too serious. But to the statue of lipstick, this is the first time to see. Reporters then call the duolun road culture celebrity street building management office, the staff said that although the malicious destruction of the tourists of the statue is not much, but sometimes there will be damage statue. They send people to inspect every morning and evening, if there is damage repair immediately.