Shenzhen salty head ridge sites into landfills Has ranked top ten archaeological discoveries

salty head hill site entrance is blocked

reporter Du Jiefang

7 years ago, with the remaining & other; The national top ten archaeological discoveries & throughout; Seven years later, become garbage dumps and recognition. Shenzhen salty head hill site, the prehistoric site of the history of about 7000 years ago, called & other; Will rewrite the history of the young shenzhen rings, civilization to the pearl river delta, Yangtze river and the Yellow River civilization civilization par & throughout; Miracle is experiencing an unprecedented & other; Ravaged & throughout; .

in 2006, shenzhen salty head hill site found that archaeologists cheered, because this is a 7000 – year – old, with strong cultural radiation at the center of the historical sites, and are likely to become the key to neolithic archaeological culture in pearl river mouth. In those days & other The national top ten archaeological discoveries & throughout; The importance of salty enough to prove that, head of ridge site. However, should have strict protection of it is reduced to garbage.

by the media disclosure, destroy the party appeared

as early as the end of last year, local media has salty head hill site destruction of the exposure, did not cause much reaction. Until may this year, the media focus again, salty head hill site experience to cause the attention of local authorities.

local media joint shenzhen style council, head of the directors of cultural relics, according to situation to see salty head hill site situation is more severe damage. The entrance had been blocked by construction waste was high, the ruins of a writing tablet and protection have & other; In 2006, one of China’s top ten new archaeological finds of salty throughout & head ridge sites; Big’re almost buried by construction waste. Inside, more ugly, originally relatively flat ground has been more than a mountain of mud, construction waste residue in China, gravel top cover. Near the site of a depression on the right side of the edge, and trace the new bulldozer. A rough estimate, the scene up to thousands of square meters of area, dumping of rubbish accounted for the bulk of the entire site subject.

under the supervision of the media, before long, the salty over head ridge site dump mud residue phenomenon has been effectively, the relevant departments also set up a control box to closed-end management of site, in order to prevent similar events happen again. Local also in tracing the perpetrators, once thorough check will be investigated for their responsibility.

why protection & other; Dropped & throughout; ?

in 2006 & other; The national top ten archaeological discoveries & throughout; After the local authorities to salty head hill site protection work immediately. In 2007, shenzhen longgang district will be the site as a district-level cultural relics protection units. In 2008, and plans to be completed to conduct comprehensive archaeological dig site and salty head hill museum, and then apply for it as a city or a higher level of cultural relics protection units. But as the museum planning, this plan is not implemented. In 2009, the local government created the salty head hill conservation plan, has offered to invest 184.6415 million yuan, making site conservation planning, protection and environmental renovation measures to protect the site environment, and establish the salty in site and the surrounding head hill museum, site of wetland park, site of cultural image displays, overlapping f experience area of home stay facility. Style in 2011, by the shenzhen municipal tourism bureau is responsible for the shenzhen salty head hill site protection engineering project proposal “expert commenting was held in shenzhen, the protection of the main research site planning, content, and the museum’s construction scale, investment, etc. According to the idea, salty head hill site will serve as shenzhen branch of the museum, after the completion of the museum directors by the shenzhen municipal cultural relics and the city museum. But a series of protection planning has been stranded, not the implementation.

salty head ridge sites longgang district DaPeng Town social construction bureau subordinate institutions, curator of the museum of dapeng fortress WengSongLing, according to the site protection work of the difficulty is that land ownership problems. Because of the need for land development land sector, overlapping on the site of the village land levy, but specific purposes unknown, also caused the land ownership is not clear. & other; Land department completed the purchase and storage procedures, but when we go to the land reserve center to check we found did not put in storage, haven’t realize transfer, land management is not clear, on the formation of a site’s protection work. Throughout the &;

in the same house back range ruins of shang dynasty

with salty head ridge sites have similar experiences and house’s back shang dynasty ruins. In 2001, the guangdong provincial institute of cultural relics and joint shenzhen tube and other units to house back range archaeological ruins of shang dynasty. Excavation results show that the site is currently found in guangdong area, the excavation of the biggest tomb group of shang period, has explore clean tombs 94 shang period. According to the survey and exploration of inference, total number of tombs should be between 200 and 300.

in 2001, the house’s back ruins of shang dynasty was also included & other The national top ten archaeological discoveries & throughout; . Under the same aura, but suffered similar damage. The site is currently located in the south campus of university of science and technology, in order to irrigate litchi trees, the school within the site construction to dig a hole. South university of science and technology, the construction of office officials said the house back hill slopes of litchi is relatively dense, Lin to prevent students into the campus after the pitfalls, so want to dig out some trees, some loose, easily manage the school.

behind poor protection, the reporter found that these two sites are earthy land ownership problems. House’s back shang dynasty ruins is located in the south campus of university of science and technology, the ownership is owned by the university. But the south university of science and technology was only 2 years how will earlier than it was 10 years ago & other; New archaeological finds of annual & throughout; House back ridge site & other; Pocket & throughout; ? Will the owner of the land look again after can be found, before the south university of science and technology, the area was founded in 2002, nankai university school of engineering site in shenzhen. Will be here for teaching purposes, the protection of the local whether site specific requirements, is unknown.

units of cultural relics must be & other; Throughout Thursday &;

after salty head ridge sites were damaged, a lot of people have such doubt: only a district-level head bump unit is salt ridge sites failing to protect a reason? Chinese cultural heritage research institute senior engineer Zhang Zhiping think, whatever the level of bump unit, countries have control on it, is it’s all the same degree of strict protection, must do & other; Throughout Thursday &; , the scope of protection, marks, records, specialized agencies and personnel management. And bump unit level of protection in place or not there is no direct relationship. Then, the land ownership problems affect the protection of the site? Zhang Zhiping think, if the land ownership is not clear could trigger chaos in the management, but the protection of bump unit, the antiquities act also have specific provision, state-owned unmovable cultural relics shall be the responsibility of the user of repair and maintenance; Non-state-owned unmovable cultural relics by all the people responsible for repair and maintenance. All people do not have the ability to repair, the local people’s government shall give help; All people have the ability to repair and refused to fulfill its obligations to repair in accordance with the law of the people’s government at or above the county level may give rescue repair, the costs borne by all of us. House’s back shang dynasty ruins if owned by the south university of science and technology, south China university of science and technology must be conducted in accordance with the law protection, if its responsibility should be investigated.