Sichuan ZhaoJiao found a variety of dinosaur footprints from 100 million to 200 million years ago

9 years ago, was found near 300 fossils of dinosaur footprints, has been destroyed due to mining

& other; Da found a large number of dinosaur footprint fossils again! Throughout the &; This period of time, da liangshan prefecture relics’ management center, director of the Russia than the liberation of some excitement: in three ChaHe township three biro ga village, da, newly discovered many kinds of cretaceous and the sauropod dinosaur, theropod, pterosaur fossil footprints. These million-year-old fossils from 100 million to 200 million, and many kinds of dinosaur foot print on the same strata appear, rare in the country.

however, excited, and Russia than liberation also feel very sad. This site in 2004 found that more than 300 clear dinosaur footprint fossils, for failing to get attention, has been mining boss blew up. To this end, the Russian than liberation advocates, protect these precious fossils.

Yan Lujun wang yu, dove shoot at west China metropolis daily reporter Xu Xiangdong article/figure

surprise: once again find dinosaurs & other; Foot print & throughout;

da three ChaHe township biro ga village, located in the hinterland of daliang mountains, elevation 2000 meters, beautiful scenery. But little is known, was the ancient creatures of the field.

Russia than liberation is da relics’ management center director, while he, with foreign expert on ancient mining point to three biro ga spot investigation. This investigation as quite a surprise. In the cliff, they found that more than an orderly, like ancient left foot print, via expert appraisal, confirm for the dinosaur footprint fossils. Among them, in addition to the variety cretaceous dinosaur footprint fossils, in the same layer of rock, and distribution of the sauropod, theropod and pterosaurs clearly visible footprints fossils. & other; Many kinds of dinosaur footprint fossils found in the same strata, rare in the country. Throughout the &; Russia said than liberation.

sorry: more than 300 footprints had bombed out

than found fossils of joy, there’s one old let Russia than liberation has been very painful.

in fact, this would have found near dinosaur footprint. In September 1991, when the local mining blasting, a large number of dinosaur footprint fossils exposed. But not recognized at the time, so did not report. It was not until 2004, was recognized this is dinosaur footprints.

than liberation said, this batch of fossils found in 2004, on the east of mining the steep cliff, area of about 1500 square meters, with orderly marching sauropods walking routes 12, has more than 300 foot print, on the wall, clearly visible.

among them, there are six is a larger volume of dinosaurs, 6 is smaller dinosaurs walked through the volume. The single biggest footprint, length 62 cm, 60 cm wide, single step span length 91 cm.

but this batch of fossils found at the time, did not cause enough attention. When Russia than liberation here to inspect again, only to find that this piece is full of dinosaur footprints of rock, has been destroyed, I do not know when recognition, more than 300 dinosaur foot print one. Originally, is the local mine owners for the convenience of mining, the rock.

protection: the local rock blasting near stop

& other; Three biro honk dinosaur footprint fossils found that not only is the ZhaoJiao area of prehistoric archaeological discovery, or our country southwest biological remains of ancient important discoveries. Throughout the &; Russia than liberation said, found fossils were destroyed in 2004, many experts and scholars, like him, for this is very sad.

than liberation said, to be sure, the footprints fossils and many buried in the ground, this scale, a large area, in the country and the world is rare. This for our country southwest prehistory, ancient biological research provides valuable information, has great significance for the development of ZhaoJiao.

therefore, Canadian alberta university young scholars XingLi dinosaurs wrote da leadership, Russia than to the county, the county government also reflect liberation, to protect the precious natural heritage and tourism resources.

happily, da has immediately asked mine owners stop nearby rock blasting, in addition, the newly discovered fossils of dinosaur footprints research report to finish, Russia than liberation believe that there will be more and more people pay close attention to ZhaoJiao the fate of the dinosaur footprint fossils.