Sima qian’s pioneering “Chinese people” in “shiji”

when the pre-qin haven’t & other; The Chinese people & throughout; The word, when & other; Throughout China &; And & other People throughout the &; Are used alone, word meaning is different from today. & other; Throughout China &; Original intention is to point to the capital, such as “book of songs & middot; jedaiah & middot; people’s” cloud: & other; The Chinese, with his four parties. Throughout the &; MAO poetry and training for free: & other; China, the capital. Throughout the &; Later, & other; Throughout China &; Which lead to the central plains region, such as center of the world.

and & other; People throughout the &; With & other; The people throughout the &; In the pre-qin period is also completely different two concepts, said wen jie zi “said: & other; Sex is the most expensive also, heaven and earth. Throughout the &; & other; The people, and the sprout were. Throughout the &;

so, & other; The Chinese people & throughout; As a complete independent phonetic unit when is began to appear? The western han dynasty historian sima qian in “historical records & middot; upright HuoShi, shanxi, shandong, jiangnan, camels, products, & other; All the Chinese people’s favorite & throughout; .

here’s & other; The Chinese people & throughout; Though, and the significance of the pre-qin, there is no big difference, but it is the first time the two together, constitute a positive end phrase, so that sima qian created the term at the earliest.