“Small pretty waist” refers to the first male waist to make “ce”

filed a small pretty waist, many people are familiar. But the original sense & other; Small pretty waist & throughout; , who is the waist?

the historical data, and other Small pretty waist & throughout; Canon has two: one is the famous poet bai juyi of the home of her small pretty waist like a willow, after referring to a woman’s waist. 2 say is & other; Good king chu waist & throughout; In the story. At a time when the geographical position, chu is the central plains dynasty as jing pretty place, so the waist then don’t called & other; Chu waist & throughout; Or & other; Pretty waist & throughout; .

the second said seems to have more credibility. But in the history of the king (king ChuLing) good waist, is not the woman of the waist, but & other; Gentry & throughout; The waist is the waist of the big men. Once upon a time, king ChuLing like his courtiers a slim waist. So at the minister, are only eat a meal every day to moderate their waist circumference, forwards a day can suppress breathe when ready to receive the waist, then tighten belt, hold the wall to stand up. In the second year, the full chao wenwu is black yellow in the face.

“ce” or “universal love”, is say & other ChuLing Wang Haoshi waist & throughout; . & other; James & throughout; In the spring and autumn period and the warring states period is between QingDaFu and subaltern dedicated word for men, women are not qualified gentleman said. Hence, ChuLing good is the man’s waist is the king. As a result, just have surmised that ChuLing king also seems to have a gay, or is a bisexual. Otherwise, how can have an open king chu loved man waist quirks?

later, what we see in many ancient books & other; King chu waist, palace more hungry people & throughout; , is the evolution of the waist of specifically to women. This is a misunderstanding.