Song dong profile

song dong, one of the important behavior of Chinese contemporary artists. Born in Beijing in 1966, graduated from the fine arts department of capital normal university in 1989, now living and working in Beijing.

works and exhibition:

2011 the wisdom of the poor (2005-2011), the ullens center for contemporary art, Beijing, China

2011 Ma Qiusha & other; Address book & throughout; & amp; The king of quantity & other; Collect evidence & throughout; , the ullens center for contemporary art, Beijing, China

2011 chopsticks III, before the wave gallery, Beijing

2011 zheng pure do, we are Shanghai gallery, Shanghai

2011 love and hope & ndash; & ndash; Art world support Japan disaster area children’s charity activities, Iberia center for contemporary art, Beijing

2011 THE picking SHOW! , Shanghai gallery, Shanghai

2010 & other; The voice of Beijing & ndash; & ndash; Together or narcissistic & throughout; Group exhibitions, pace Beijing, Beijing

2010 absolute distance, blank space + MK2 art space, Beijing, China

2010 and 2010: H20, tianan time contemporary art center, Beijing

2010 song dong solo exhibition, pace Beijing, Beijing, China

2010 trajectory and qualitative & ndash; & ndash; Beijing film academy 60 anniversary of contemporary art invitational exhibition, Beijing film academy under the floor, a layer of 4 & deg C; Space art museum, Beijing, China

2010 great performances, pace Beijing, Beijing, China

2010 construction of d & ndash; & ndash; In 2010 Chinese contemporary art invitational exhibition, national art museum of China, Beijing, China

2009 tofu, kung fu, Polit – was – Form, Beijing commune, Beijing, China

2008 library, Beijing commune, Beijing, China

2008 mahjong: Chinese contemporary art collection show, and the university of California at Berkeley art museum and the Pacific film archive (BAM/PFA), California, United States

2008 song dong, Shanghai zendai museum of modern art, Shanghai

2008 li LAN collection, Beijing commune, Beijing, China

2008 to 55 days in valencia & ndash; & ndash; Chinese contemporary art exhibition, the museum of modern art valencia in Spain, valencia, Spain

2008 interest community & ndash; & ndash; Iberia center for contemporary art exhibition opening, Iberia center for contemporary art, Beijing

2008 intrude: art for 366 days, Shanghai zendai museum of modern art, Shanghai

2007 the 6th shenzhen contemporary sculpture exhibition: the perspective of landscape, he xiangning art museum, OCT contemporary art center, shenzhen

2007 political pure form, Beijing commune, Beijing, China

2007 nets: space, time and culture, the former wave gallery, Beijing

2007 art breakthrough: Asian academic invitational exhibition gallery, Beijing @ phil culture co., LTD., Beijing

2007 shot, can be contemporary art center, Shanghai

2007 song dong commune in Beijing, Beijing commune, Beijing, China

2006 1st & other; 5 & times; 7 & throughout; Pingyao photography biennale, pingyao international photography festival, TSl contemporary art center, pingyao, Beijing

2006 news, Beijing commune, Beijing, China

2005 ten thousand & ndash; & ndash; Contemporary art, postmodern cities of Beijing, Beijing

2005 make: Zhao Xiangyuan and song dong, Beijing Tokyo art projects, Beijing, China

2005 & rsquo; 85 salute: 2005 & rarr; 1985, Shanghai duolun modern art museum, Shanghai

2005 only a wall, Beijing commune, Beijing, China

2004 video group: China institute of contemporary art in new ways, Bank ART1929 carriage, yokohama,

what art exhibition, 2004 in shaanxi province art museum, xian

2004 in & ndash; & ndash; Chinese contemporary art, contemporary art gallery, Lyon, France, Lyon

2003 open sky, Shanghai duolun modern art museum, Shanghai

2003 & other; The left & throughout; Contemporary art, on the left bank workers club, Beijing

2003 we are together, today art museum, Beijing, China

2003 ode to joy, holy cross art center, nanjing

2003 second-hand reality: the today art museum of contemporary art, today art museum, Beijing, China

2002 to read: experimental art in China for ten years (1990-2000) & ndash; & ndash; The first guangzhou triennale, guangdong museum of art, guangzhou, guangdong

2002 harvest & ndash; & ndash; Contemporary art exhibition, the national agriculture exhibition hall, Beijing

2002 interactive port: vision & ndash; & ndash; Song dong multimedia art show, Beijing international exchange system co., LTD., Beijing, China

2001 one hundred artists face, orange gallery, nanjing

2001 knowledge is power: contemporary art, Beijing

2001 feel money: contemporary art, taikang space, Beijing, China

2001 poster exhibition of Chinese contemporary artists, 798 red gate gallery, Beijing, China

2001 reshuffle & ndash; & ndash; In the name of ink painting, sculpture, shenzhen shenzhen

2001 virtual future & ndash; & ndash; Chinese contemporary art, guangdong art museum, guangdong

2000 abnormal and everyday, the bow of modern art, Shanghai

2000 virtual and real, yunfeng of calligraphy painting, Beijing

1999 supermarket art exhibition, Shanghai plaza, four layers,

international modern art in Korea and Japan in 1994, Beijing


the bonuses in 2000 by the United Nations educational, scientific and cultural international young artists

2006 gwangju biennale award