Soong mei-ling longevity: eat much food less sleep insists the enema

women after 40 years old, started to get dark skin, his voice became thicker, waistline, belly bulge. However, more than 60 years old, still a moderate, always stay around 50 kg weight. Her skin is white, soft, moist, youthful, glorious takes a person. More than 80 years old, still looks good, white and tender, figure, still have wrinkles, but none point freckles, and a variety of disease of department of gynaecology have ever had, has been lived to be 106 years old. This is closely connected with her unique art.

eat much food less

song meiling very pay attention to diet quality, eat much food less. Although she prefer to eat the food of some hard, but generally does not affect the digestion, two meat meal, two element, meal must be just 5 times a day, each meal has only five points have enough to eat, even if again like to eat food, not bulimia. She almost every day with the scale according to the weight, as long as find a few heavy weight, immediately to eat green vegetables salad, do not eat any meat food.

every day enema

song meiling no constipation problem, but before going to sleep every day enema. Although, this method there is no scientific basis, but soong mei-ling – enema, purpose is to will wash out toxins, reach the role of detoxification. Like that people think is a trouble and pain, but she put it as a kind of happy things to do. & other; Simply every day and to fill a bowel, simply again and take a shower, I feel I am completed a great big metabolic engineering, a little trouble can simply return and sleep, so why not? Throughout the &; Song meiling I’ll fall asleep, night until the morning.

Insisted to massage

song meiling jade keep ice muscle skin, skin clean gloss like marble, one reason is that she insists to massage everyday. Taking a nap every day or night before bedtime, two nurses take massage for her. General from the eye, face to chest, abdomen and lower limb, the instep, arch. Such a full-body massage can promote blood circulation.

devout faith

when a acquaintances to see her, and commended her in front of her how to how to do when she smile, quoted the bible, said: & other; I want to be fighting has played, has come, the way to go for, the right of name, has become a smoke dispersed, forget it! Throughout the &;

reading, calligraphy and painting

the habit of reading books is soong mei-ling the elder. She will read every day New York each big newspaper in English. Free time painting traditional Chinese painting, writing brush calligraphy. Because the study painting must be focused, distractions, calm, god, meaning and applied force, emotional expression, make the whole body flesh, the body function of each part are adjusted, the brain’s nervous system is balanced, effectively promote the blood circulation and metabolism. Wang wen