Sotheby’s is refers to “sell” 42000 items identified as thousands of original

rick mahorn bought by collectors and controversial painting cheats at CARDS.

six years ago, sotheby’s take a picture & other; Caravaggio paintings replica & throughout; , dropping the hammer price is 42000 pounds, but afterwards to be identified by the buyer for 10 million pounds worth of authentic. To this end, the original seller will sotheby’s to court, asking for compensation. But in the face of lawsuits, sotheby’s insists it is replica.

seller: sotheby’s lack of research and analysis before

in 2006, Lancelot & middot; William & middot; The vitesse consign a painting, sotheby’s auction. Before an auction, sotheby’s give this painting to make The following description: works “cheats at CARDS” (The Cardsharps) is in The 17th century caravaggio related reproductions of paintings, The original hangs in Texas fort worth, Ken bear art museum. In the end, the painting for 42000 pounds, the buyer is both collectors and scholars double identity of Dennis & middot; Rick mahorn, who died in 2011.

after the event, rick mahorn identified the painting should be caravaggio reproductions, and deal with the export license for its, valued at 10 million pounds. Rick mahorn identification results of many experts recognition, including caravaggio researcher mina & middot; Gregory and mauricio & middot; Marini, the Vatican museum director Antonio & middot; Michele paolucci, etc.

learned that after the appraisal results, the original seller “vitesse will file a complaint against sotheby’s court, the claim is associated with poor price of 42000 pounds and 10 million pounds of uncertain damage, interest and related expenses, and sotheby’s before the sale, not for the work to make the necessary research and analysis.

sotheby’s: & other; Reproduction theory & throughout; Experts, market support

in the latest reply, sotheby’s insists that six years ago clap a replica is caravaggio, lists the supported this view a list of experts.

sotheby’s has also said that the ideas about the painting is replica was also recognised by the market. Before an auction, the world’s top curators, art historians, collectors and dealers have been auction catalog. The cognizance of their commitment to the art forgeries will no doubt be bidding in the auction and reflected in the price.

compile: Li Jianya

s rick mahorn & other; Rehabilitate throughout history &;

in 2005, rick mahorn claims that in 1998, included in one of sotheby’s is considered a caravaggio followers created paintings “John the Baptist and a sheep”, is actually a caravaggio creation late work. He has decided in an Irish religious found Christ into captivity, is actually a caravaggio erosion is one of the original work.