Speak no taboo in tang dynasty minister the throne of emperor openly talk about sex

early in the tang dynasty politics into, is the feature of network is also very wide hydrophobic. So much the scholars and their works as wild. & other; Shi snobbery & throughout; , or & other A prince of speech & throughout; , or & other Then the IP and & throughout; , or & other Any fine lines & throughout; , or & other Crazy rate below the belt & throughout; .

Joyce zhang (historian)

think: & other; The views of people, each or different, are somewhat, this for business & throughout; , for this, he clear requirements & other; You are the up and down throughout the same & also; . For those who know only & other Compliance & throughout; & other; Shun purport & throughout; He stood on the same: who & other; Ratios but see obedience, not smell violations. If but line instrument, who is for, why choose also. Throughout the &; Says you are never to be passive and no independent opinion, the court want your he2 yong4?

rule in the tang dynasty is the most distinct characteristic in three religions in parallel, religious freedom, not the box. The Confucianism is regarded as legitimate, but it always failed to reach centers. Xiao li themselves note “, the daodejing and the three “diamond sutra” of Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism classics, enacted the world, to show his advocate of Buddhism.

three religions in parallel, free competition, tang generation continuously. In parallel to form the tang dynasty Confucianism a relatively common freedom in the air. So Li Baicai dare to write poems said: & other; I this madman, chu phoenix song laugh Confucius, & throughout; Cross and to openly in the poem said: & other; Laughter XiangWenShi, once any foot poor & throughout; . And even to shoot the scholar image of retained history Du Fushi have & other The author had He Zai for me? Confucius stolen plantar all dust & throughout; The sentence. In the late tang dynasty, tu mu actually wrote: & other; While not go jump shot, YaoShunYu Shang Wenwu Zhou Kong is grey. Throughout the &; Not Confucianism, thin hole, not the thin, used in the tang dynasty people’s eyes, is not considered.

no taboo words in tang dynasty. Tang dynasty minister can even openly talked about the emperor on the throne of sex. Such as varian direct criticism in the throne after wu got too much & other The pet & throughout; Said, you have the desire, everyone can understand, looking for one or two & other; Young men & throughout; , nor is it not ok, but too much: & other; Uprightness, at stupid-wisdom are same, the sage section, do not make excessive, before the holy motto is. Throughout the &; The southern song dynasty HongMai said: & other; Song poetry, tang dynasty in the tuoba who and when, straight xu send, just no hidden. To GongJin Bi intimate, the outside should be known, are extremely repeatedly, and the person also not sin. Throughout the &; He listed after a long list of instances, is very mixed feelings to knot with a & other; Today the poet did not dare to, & throughout; .

& other; GongJin Bi intimate & throughout; Such a taboo, the tang dynasty can be & other; Over and over again throughout a speech &; . So the & other; When things & throughout; Criticism of no scruples all too clear. Of irony, in fact, the tang dynasty to the current politics, disclose, or hinder the author official career, but no one ever referred to as & other; Slander, attack & throughout; Was killed. Bai juyi creation & other poems; Gauge mock news, into the forbidden throughout the &; , xian zong & other; See that yue in translation student & throughout; . His “everlasting regret” satire, xuan zong dissolute rid “pipa” pour out rough official career, tang passed without mind, also make poems of bai juyi: & other; Lad solution Yin long hate song, will can sing the pipa. Article has reached the pedestrian ear, once your sorrow. Throughout the &;

this loose environment, is the important reason for prosperity of art and literature in the tang dynasty. The scholars in the tang dynasty painter, calligrapher, each individual character is dye-in-the-wood, over-the-top behavior. As du fu “drinks the eight immortals in the song” wrote: & other; Chapter riding like a boat, no fall sleep well bottom. & hellip; & hellip; Li Baidou wine poetry article, changan city restaurant, on the right to not ship, since is wine cents. Zhang Xusan cup of our travels, hat top before Kings; the latter paper such as clouds. Throughout the &; The joys and sorrows of the literati in tang dynasty, pour out, there is no stond. They have the courage to do STH unconventional or unorthodox, the work style, genre. Later generations to evaluate tang & other; Forever is vibrant, such as denier late writing brush and ink stone off fresh & throughout; .