Statistics students dug 99 common words of ci poetry Song lyrics can be pieced together

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99 high frequency word statistics graduate mining assembly number wu3 da4 said tutors, this is just a word game

a statistical learning online, using what they have learned in the whole song ci 99 & other; High-frequency words & throughout; Calculated, hair on the blog. Unexpectedly, this blog will soon be reprinted in great quantities, and netizens to take advantage of these high frequency vocabulary again & other; Write a word & throughout; . PI, birthday, id card number can be in the form of the poem & other; Song ci & throughout; .

in jianghan university just & other; Reciting poetry and poetry contest awards banquet & throughout; On, quite a few students to discuss the topic. True & other netizens said; Automatic word write machine & throughout; ? Reporter interview survey.

99 high frequency words in the whole song

topic & other; First & throughout; Studying statistics is a student, name & other; Yixuan” , he in the blog published an article, & other; Suddenly want to see what kind of song ci in image is the most common, such as what we can do a frequency analysis. Text mining to participles, of course, I can’t spend too much time in them, and came up with a soil solution. Throughout the &;

song lyrics are very short sentences, the most common words are usually two or three words, and even fewer possible combinations. Such as & other; Jude solution to marry dongfeng & throughout; This sentence, the word might be a combination is & other; Jude solution & throughout; & other; Solution to marry & throughout; & other; Marry throughout east &; & other; Dongfeng & throughout; , three characters combination is & other; Jude solution to marry & throughout; & other; Marry throughout east &; & other; Marry dongfeng & throughout; The number of words, word, the more the less possible combinations.

& other; Yixuan & throughout; Statistics from 99 “full song ci” in the high frequency words. In front of the row of & other; Dongfeng (1382), where (1230), the world (1202), romantic (857), home (812), spring (802), west wind (779) and return (771), south (765).

& other; Yixuan & throughout; This blog arise out, he was soon another site, a large number of netizens attracted by the interesting topic, were Posting comments.

high-frequency words are transformed into & other; Automatic word write machine & throughout;

at the back of a large number of comments, a man named & other; Leonardo Da Vinci’s egg & throughout; Found that use of these & other; High-frequency words & throughout; Code that can piece together a song after another. Such as use & other; PI & throughout; Digital sequence, the result is: looking back on the moon, a see be lyrics)

leisurely heart empty

what loneliness in

wind setting sun rush

setting sun in life

the wind lonely today

a prosperous year

Changan don’t know


at that time, many with his id card number, all kinds of digital combination & other; Song lyrics written & throughout; . Such as Internet & other; Leaf zhan & throughout; The & other; Work & throughout; Is: & other; The east wind? Love in the world. Back home spring breeze, the west wind. Jiangnan acacia, the plum blossom. Looking back on the moon, how many now? Crisscross wanli year after year, laugh at dusk when & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;

reporter with several colleagues, id number, birthday number, etc., to use this code, so can produce good after & other Song ci & throughout; .

not willing to & other; Write a word & throughout;

see posts by a large number of forwarding, & other; Yixuan & throughout; On his blog and wrote an article to explain, he said, & other; Automatic word write machine & throughout; Is not my idea, also is not my original intention.

& other; Yixuan & throughout; Said: & other; I learn major is statistics and actuarial science, at ordinary times can deal with various types of data, before writing the blog is also out of interest, want to use to learn professional knowledge to analysis of some actual problems. Throughout the &;

he said that many people would surely mentioned & other; Automatic word write machine & throughout; , like the inside of the birthday, and physical constants to paraphrase sort to & other; Write a word & throughout; . But I want to say is, this is not my idea, also is not I write the blog in the first place. If you read the article forwarded, you will find people start & other; Carnival & throughout; Because & other; Leonardo Da Vinci’s egg & throughout; Creative, and word frequency statistics itself doesn’t have any special place.

in fact, you may have heard & other; Text mining & throughout; This term, it is analyzed the text data, to get useful conclusions. Text mining is a very complex process, involving word segmentation, word frequency statistics, feature selection, clustering and so on, if you some idea of this piece of content, you will know the word frequency statistics is a very common process.

& other; Yixuan” Said, may the word of song lyrics some friends think I’m getting is a high technology content, but technically speaking, I do those things also no senior (of course need to have some programming experience).

is a word game

these 99 & other; High frequency & throughout; Words really so magical? Yesterday, wuhan university, doctor tutors from the faculty of arts professor zhao-peng wang looked after comments: & other; This is just a word game & throughout; .

zhao-peng wang said that the Chinese language, the poetry word order does not need, at the same time, Chinese language has the ambiguity. Many words together, can say that. For example, we say & other Eat & throughout; You can understand, but said & other; Food & throughout; , also can understand what is going on.

in a strict sense, made by the 99 coding & other; Term & throughout; , level and oblique tones does not conform to the requirements completely, also do not accord with the requirement of epigraph. But form to pick out what’s wrong with it, have the taste of a little words.

zhao-peng wang said, song ci is a kind of literature and art, pay attention to the originality and artistic conception, readers by reading poetry to be able to see the inside of the artistic conception, it is art. & other; If written word so easy, that anyone can write the word. Throughout the &;

however, zhao-peng wang also think & other; Yixuan & throughout; The practice of creative, & other; Can be summarized from so many words to 99 high-frequency words, is the need to take time, also suggests that the students are very hard, this is a more advanced word games, although far from what is the literary significance. Throughout the &;

at zhongnan university of economics and statistics and mathematics college tutors of the wind, “said professor lee, using the statistical principle can indeed in literary works such as poetry, do some research work, the student to practice, to his credit.

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