Students put the cigarette worship of Confucius and tolerant view does not fail in the exam said

& other; In order to not fail in the exam, students head sculpture before & lsquo; Incense kowtow & rsquo; Please bless? Throughout the &; Recently, the weibo users to send a message of attention. Reporter on-site visit found that within the laoshan campus of ocean university of China in front of the Confucius sculpture indeed filled with various & other; Worship & throughout; Supplies, have students say bless failed the final exam don’t want to Confucius. To this, some students believe that it is a kind of entertainment. The relevant person in charge of the school division, said don’t stop this kind of behavior of the student, also calls for the social from all walks of life to give a positive attitude, don’t to label the students.

fact students head & other; Worship Confucius & throughout; Please don’t fail

& other; Ocean university students too talented. Throughout the &; Recently, Qingdao weibo users & other; Mark is happy & throughout; Post said, winter and summer arrives at the end of the semester exam stage, China ocean university campus will appear all sorts of meng-gua in the worship of behavior. According to the netizens Posting photos, a statue of Confucius sculpture is the base of the above, is filled with oranges, apples and other fruits.

the netizens also revealed that & other; It is said that the summer items more rich, fruit seeds tea from soup to nuts, and a student for a few days ago Confucius plug an orange in his hand. This how the sincerity. Throughout the &;

in renren, the reporter found that some netizens published & other Today, did you worship Confucius? Begged to exam, take a look at ocean university students how to do it. Throughout the &; Posts, and have the students put up a picture of the worship of Confucius, a big apple in the words & other; Let’s not hanging exam & throughout; The words, and a signature.

Confucius sculpture before put items and MingBi and cigarette

then reporters came to the laoshan campus of ocean university of China, found across the university library, upright a Confucius sculpture, sculpture is the base of the following is filled up with orange, cakes, candy and other items, and in addition to put on the ground below the base of a fruit, and a 100 – yuan MingBi and a few burned half cigarettes. Happened due to some fruit, the base of the sculpture is filthy environment.

& other; The fruit is the student in order to not fail in the exam here, pray for Confucius to bless. Throughout the &; A ocean university student said. The interview, many student has confirmed the claim. & other; From last semester began sporadically appear this kind of phenomenon, behind have students follow imitation, also don’t know is true worship or style. Throughout the &; The other students said.

a school workers, said two weeks ago, Confucius sculpture before have the students put items, at ordinary times is very rare. & other; After clean, have students put on it again. Throughout the &;

view feudal behavior VS network funny

for this kind of practice, in an interview with most of the students said they won’t go to participate in the worship. & other; Only a few people guilty not pass exam. Throughout the &; Education department li students think that this kind of behavior is boring. School of economics and a student thinks & other; May be I am not the cause of the shandong people, don’t understand this behavior, too feudal superstition. I was determined not to pray. Throughout the &;

& other; College students not that foolish. Pray is for fun, fun, entertainment. Throughout the &; Engineering colleges a guo men expressed different opinions, he thinks, now network media special developed, many students are followed online imitation, is not really believe & other; Confucius & throughout; Can show & other; Power & throughout; Bless not fail in the exam. & other; Pure is a joke. Throughout the &; A community college students also think that the so-called worship is just a kind of entertainment.

school temporarily not ban society should inclusive view of student behavior

about the matter, the reporter interviewed the relevant person in charge of China ocean university party committee propaganda department, the director said, know a little relevant information. & other; Personally, I think the things no surprise. Society should give students an atmosphere of tolerance, should not be in this brutal labeling, conclusions, the whole society should provide students with a joint of right values. Throughout the &;

at the same time, the director said, ocean university of China have been rigorous teaching, strict examination, not seriously academic affirmation can’t pass the exam, as long as most people are careful study is can pass the exam. & other; Students may study pressure big, but not metasomatism, worrying about my exams is disturbing factors in heart just to vent, but now the school haven’t consider the file to prevent this kind of behavior of students. Throughout the &; At the same time the chief, said & other; If I have the students have to test through prayer, to dissuade, let them to study hard. Throughout the &;

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