Su shi collected folk prescription preserve one’s health Created dongpo chicken that lasts through the ages

su shi, zi chan, & other; Dongpo throughout the householder &; , & other; Eight people of tang and song dynasty & throughout; One of the. He talented, talented, although experienced the rough life, career ups and downs, but he was optimistic open-minded, fame gain and loss in degrees, take the happy affection raises a gender, abstinent, content with indifferent state of mind, expressed in & other; Three hundred lychees a day, to long for lingnan people. Throughout the &; Such a sentence. After the exile qiongzhou and YinChu & other; Nine dead south wild I don’t hate, I swim absolute crown life & throughout; To express adversity, complacent. He said he and other Capricious, FangKuang on every occasion, but once, there is no solution. Throughout the &; This is not a recluse, escape from reality, but took advantage of the philosophy, youpon friends, landscape perception, and temperament to maintain physical and mental health. Later, during the period of exile in hainan, he & other Eat less meat, disease without drugs, in the room, without carbon, summer without winter spring & throughout; , is still optimistic life. A & other; Sadness make up for regret, setbacks more needs to be strong. Throughout the &; Spirit of su shi to treat all not equal to idea of life and legacy eternal masterpiece chibi “and so on.

he also like to personally planted or gather bracken, asparagus plants such as herbs, love to eat easy to digest and more bass meat containing proteins. His attention to the proportion of meat and vegetable dishes, & other; No meat is thin, without bamboo is vulgar, if not common or thin, will eat bamboo shoots stir-fried meat. Throughout the &; Su shi heavy diet and dietary supplements. Such as tea boiled in medicine; Drink water to choose well water springs; Also with a leek, shredded ginger, honey congee, he think this porridge has the role of embellish body; He also believes that eating stone calamus, to relating the width. Su shi to collect a lot of folk prescription, including a he was promoting prescription for prolong life, namely take raw ginger water in the container, remove the clear yellow liquid, of the above will be deposited in the following white and thick part of the order & other; Ginger milk & throughout; . With the ginger milk with steamed cake or rice in agreement, make the pill, with wine or rice water take ten grain a day. It is said that persist in taking, will dance the peacock long life. Sushi’s life both pay attention to diet and nutrition, and very good cook. Preach he had created dongpo chicken, dongpo of dongpo soup, fish, dongpo wine, dongpo cake, etc., that lasts through the ages. Su shi of diet is also very exquisite, he also said: in the “health said” & other; Has hungry eat, not full check first. For a walk, service to stomach empty. Throughout the &; Su shi thinks, hungry to eat later, even a simple fare, it is sweet and delicious than delicacies. Dinner don’t eat too full, if full force to eat, even if the delicacies in front and hard to swallow. Too hungry too full can make people sick. Be sure to take a walk after the meal, always let the stomach is empty.