Suspected “Mona Lisa” unveiled mysteries or human bones were found to smile

one of the world’s most famous painting that woman in the Mona Lisa smile behind, what hidden secret? This has been a great mysteries of the art world.

now Italian art historians and archaeologists believe that they are about to unravel the mystery, because they have found that may be to the famous artist leonardo & middot; Da & middot; Finch as a model of the bones of the woman.

according to the record, Florentine silk merchant francesco & middot; Dell & middot; Come to the second wife lisa & middot; Gherardini died, was buried in st. Ursula convent. After a few empty joy, now the team says that they have found the remains of the lady. Before the TV producer Havana, hill & middot; Vacanti is head of the team, they tried to dig out the gherardini’s remains, and sent them to Italian and foreign universities, by her two Cousins with has confirmed that the DNA results of comparison, determine the bones are dug out of her. If confirmed, the researchers will be able to recover gherardini.

vacanti says: & other; Once we determine these bones is gherardini, we will be able to recover her facial features, a margin of error is only 2% to 2%. By doing so, we will eventually be able to answer the art historian unanswerable questions, break up & middot; Vinci’s model. Throughout the &; About the 77 cm & times; 52 cm picture of controversy has lasted for a century, most of the prototype of the modern historians in favor of the Mona Lisa is lisa & middot; Gherardini’s point of view.

an archaeological team began last year in the abandoned saint Ursula convent of excavations. First they have to dig out a thick layer of concrete surface, because before that, here to build a barracks. They soon knocked on the door to success, find a is considered to be gherardini final resting place of the cellar, then soon dug a female the size of the skull. The skull is under the ground of saint Ursula convent was originally discovered about 1.52 meters, were found with many other human ribs and vertebrae.