Suzhou scenic Settings “naked female seat” challenged with profane the contentious (FIG.)


scenic naked girls seat

recently, some netizens said on weibo in jinji lake there is a row of seats, designed & other; Naked woman & throughout; Appearance, the look is jealous heart, sit on it as more netizens said & other; Sitting on a woman’s arms & throughout; & hellip; & hellip;

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scenic Settings & other; Naked woman seat & throughout; Is it creative or blasphemy?

you don’t say, some of today’s businessmen has arrived & other; Creative & throughout; The degree to which! & other; Naked woman & throughout; Ideas into seat this seems to be very east east first appeared in a few years ago, is now in the jinji lake in suzhou. They appeared immediately heated discussion among the public, some people think that this is the sublimation of art, while others think it is for women. On this issue, what is the scenic area managers to intentionally, or product designers for creative to? Though it is, but believe that everyone has clear mind! This is, as it were, the scenic area take & other; Naked woman & throughout; Stunt when the selling point, but the designers of the products is in use and other Naked female body & throughout; In excuses for creative, everybody in your love, I would like to achieve a win-win situation!

to tell you the truth, the author of the scenic spot such & other; Naked woman seat & throughout; Didn’t see the product & other; Value added & throughout; Creative, think there is a certain dignity atrophy of the expansion of the patriarchal ideology and women. Because, you know, a new product ideas, its cultural design is particularly important. Products in the design emphasis is his cultural taste and content, prominent is the cultural connotation is rich and has a lasting charm, to meet the needs of a certain culture mentality of the consumers. That is to say, the product of the creative design to product culture and emotions, thoughts or some kind of associated social and cultural behavior. Scenic spot of these & other; Naked woman & throughout; Seat, I don’t know the designers is to want to take public? Is feeling comfortable seats, or cultural sense of the seat?

this & other; Naked woman seat & throughout; The emergence of, also let the author thought that, once see what & other; Naked woman & throughout; Wash basin. & other; Naked woman & throughout; The urinal. & other; Naked woman & throughout; Sculpture and so on. Anyway, let the author think of, now & other; A woman’s naked & throughout; Business has become a creative & other; Selling point & throughout; , it seems, & other; No naked creative & throughout; . They like to & other; Don’t know the nude is don’t understand art, just don’t understand don’t understand the art culture & throughout; The concept of throughout every aspect of life. Dare to get public shame dare not say, afraid to say that they have never seen a world. So, the so-called creative let a woman’s naked as & other; The emperor’s new clothes & throughout; In the place such as streets, scenic spots, then let this so-called creative spread in the media and Internet facilitated & hellip; & hellip;

let’s take a closer look at is put in the scenic spot of these & other; Naked woman seat & throughout; , it in stimulating the people passing by the eye at the same time, I think, also caused the public & other; Art & throughout; With & other; Erotic & throughout; The controversy. Arguably, the human body art creative wrong. The problem is that many people now from the business point of view, from the perspective of sensationalism, to planning, to hype, lead to creativity in gradually changed. As a result, the vulgar, the better, more vulgar more attention, the more attention the interests behind the more massive. It hurt to the public and social moral emotion, take the scenic & other; Naked woman seat & throughout; It profane not just women’s dignity, also hurt the social norms and public morality. To this, how can you allow the public to accept?

to be fair, in war of trade of the current, the so-called cultural creativity is everywhere, like a ghost is rather difficult to completely avoid. We consider, why now all walks of life cannot leave the woman naked? Obviously not & other; Naked woman & throughout; Itself. There is no denying the fact that some people are in the guise of human creativity, in pursuit of commercial interests or other ulterior purpose. Despite the design rule, do STH unconventional or unorthodox, sensationalism. Like the jinji lake in suzhou & other; Naked woman & throughout; Seats, although nude art is a good ideas, but the idea is not to mention that kind of vulgar culture, you know, any new product ideas should pay attention to traditional culture and folk customs can be refreshing.

however, in recent years, with & other; A woman naked & throughout; Mounting speculation behavior. Take the jinji lake & other; Naked woman & throughout; Seats, is to make the physical characteristics and rights of women, some of the right object, like this emerge in endlessly, obviously can’t use & other; Creative & throughout; Can be defined, and should cause the reflection of the society as a whole! What is behind this at work? In the author opinion, of course, is in order to seek more money, without the use of the means of so-called & other; Creative & throughout; Means, then, in front of big money, users just result is good or bad, which tube seat of inferior indecent. Because of their moral conscience had been blinded by the interests of the money, the temptation of huge, ethics to count.

by finally, in view of the scenic spot such & other; Naked woman & throughout; Seat, I want to say is, no matter it is the designer called & other; Art and practical & throughout; Combination of ideas, or scenic area managers in using & other A woman naked & throughout; Playing with the hype? But an indisputable fact is that this & other; Naked woman seat & throughout; The so-called originality, is to the Chinese men & other; Patriarchal & throughout; Live show, can say, is that some people in the name & other; Creative & throughout; The banner of dignity in playing with women, for women’s rights should be blasphemy! In addition, the author in this & other; Naked woman & throughout; Not a bit & other seats Creative & throughout; The gene in it. In addition to others with curiosity and meet some people taste, can say, basic has nothing to do with creativity. Do you think so?