Taiwan artists “carving” xi head 30 days (FIG.)

Beijing, January 21 (xinhua) according to Taiwan & other; Cna & throughout; Reported that Taiwan milli mans sculptor Chen meet show published yesterday, on a grain of rice, with brush painting portraits on the new communist party general secretary xi jinping, and handwriting signature on it. Chen meet once in order to celebrate Christmas, he in a month time, use of plastic resin, touted as the world’s smallest Santa Claus, bringing children pleasure.

every new works published, Chen was invited on the grain, belong to & other; M carving & throughout; , works on the pencil lead, with high power magnifying glass to see full picture.

paint jinping pictures in a grain of rice, spent 30 working days to complete, erect in the grain of rice on the pencil lead, size is 0.5 cm, 0.3 cm wide. Xi jinping, dressed in a suit and tie, comb suit head right hand waving “hello.”

every show, said Chen meters as canvas is not easy, especially fixed grain is tricky, because rice is half arc shape and a dent, at the same time is more difficult in the above writing and painting.

he said & other; M carving & throughout; Grain of rice on a small heart, is the most difficult writing and creative design at the same time, whether painting or calligraphy first, both must be perfect, as long as there is a mistake to give up from scratch.

by kung fu novel plot inspiration, Chen had been written on the bees’ wings on the show, the challenges & other; M carving & throughout; , he said, drawing on white rice, record the current idea, can show the art of lasting appeal of self-restraint, beauty, and records of the era of historical events.