Taiwan flexor home village “legend of the Dragon Boat Festival,” insists on the village are descendants of qu yuan (FIG.)

every Dragon Boat Festival, flexor home village, the villagers will visit taihe palace to worship qu yuan.

hubei zigui presented flexor home village of qu yuan’s statue.

dragon boat, make more than 2000 years ago its tragic poet qu yuan of the earth is still live among us, even if we have difficult to guess & other; Emperor Gao Yangzhi branch xi & throughout; The original intention; Dragon boat, the Taiwan changhua city in more than 20 廍 flexor surname family treasure to qu yuan as please into the temple, even if they have said not to come out across the sea to Taiwan from the mainland.

this is the power of culture, through the long river of time, space of ancient and modern. Changhua city, Dragon Boat Festival on the eve of a reporter to interview flexor surname family, feel the Dragon Boat Festival is not just eating zongzi and dragon boat racing, it carries with a nation’s spirit and emotion, regardless of the individual walk how far, always in the beginning of summer, across the strait, across the ocean, imagine that call lost luo jiang.

ChuChen over the dragon boat OARS Yang wave/every year back to jiangnan/back to lingnan, back to hainan/more back to, today, this side of the Taiwan strait. & ndash; & ndash; Yu guangzhong

treasure 廍 in changhua city, a traditional country, Taiwan has rice for a living. A large piece of space near the highway, has now been set up as & other Landscape park & throughout; For villagers and passers-by to provide leisure and rest. Park facing the village stands a bronze figure of qu yuan, bronze, 180 cm tall, qu yuan in the treasure 廍 sunrise sunset, the fragrance of the wind in the smoke to stroll, and looked down. Qu yuan, why and how to stay here? This is the stranger all see statue of doubt.

into the village, all the QuGuo old man’s house, the old man sitting in a new home in the yard, children and grandchildren RaoXi, courtyard outside the paddy fields and cosmos in farm in full bloom. The old man told the distance to the reporter, and 30 flexor surname family live here from generation to generation and it s even a piece of family known as & other; Home village throughout the &; And become a treasure in the 廍 & other; Village village & throughout; . & other; We are all only bend surname family centralized settlement of Taiwan, Taiwan’s surname flexor most from we walk out of here. Throughout the &; The flexor home village is the oldest QuGuo, a 83 – year – old old man, he was the villagers is addressed & other; The elders & throughout; . QuGuo doesn’t speak & other; Mandarin & throughout; Back, he married the granddaughter of appropriate hazel to reporters when & other; Translation & throughout; , & other; My grandfather said don’t know what a generation in Taiwan, from where ancestral graves on the tablet is from fujian jinjiang, elders memory only on day according to era, go shuddering, lost family tree. Throughout the &;

no genealogy, flexor home village still statue of qu yuan for his ancestors. Taiwan folk beliefs is numerous, treasure has a taihe palace in 廍, worship & other; Three government report & throughout; , become beliefs center nearby. Flexor home village people put a statue of qu yuan as 30 cm high & other; Squeeze & throughout; Into the palace, and even today, many locals have called taihe palace & other; Throughout the qu yuan temple &; .

after deep on both sides of the Taiwan straits started communication, flexor home village of message is qu yuan’s hometown zigui county in yichang of hubei, zigui replicated a bronze figure of QuYuanCi to flexor home village. The much-told story illustrates the poet yu guangzhong sentences: & other; & hellip; & hellip; More back, today, this side of the Taiwan strait. Throughout the &;

flexor master, for white, and your life in China two thousand years long is full of your poem protege, Taiwan came in the way of all is your disciple of the poem, why still care not surnamed bow? & ndash; & ndash; Spirit

the scholar proposed, qu yuan’s life only in biographies of qu yuan Jia Sheng records & middot; and Liu Xiang in section new order & middot; and, very little information, family a mystery, children can’t prove that its successors.

but Taiwan’s changhua flexor home village believe they are the sons of qu yuan, unlike other people nearby, flexor surname handed down from the grandparents house the lintel, are hanging & other; In the huai yan sent & throughout; Four characters, QuGuo old man tells a reporter, he said listening to their elders, qu yuan, who lived in the huaihe river area & other; In the huai yan sent & throughout; Are the symbol of the sons of flexor home.

even if there is no academic argument, qu yuan, also has been a flexor home village villagers of emotional and spiritual bond. They are proud of qu yuan, set up & other Closely clansmen association & throughout; Sons, contact scattered out closely. Flexor home village has a year to choose & other; Furnace main & throughout; Whenever the custom of dragon boat, qu yuan gods servant to & other; Furnace main & throughout; In the home, & other; Furnace main & throughout; Shout out open-air banquet, from back bends around children to & other; Furnace main & throughout; Home for dinner, and worship. With such offering a year, even if has left flexor home village for many years, even though the ancestral home has disrepair can’t stay, the children but also in other parts of the Dragon Boat Festival from Taiwan back to their hometown, in & other; Furnace main & throughout; Claim kinship to recognize it, flexor village people never & other; Melted away & throughout; .

reporter in QuGuo old man’s house to see the old man’s nephew, he was elected in the village this year & other; Furnace main & throughout; , the reporter asked him if he would workload is too big, he said with a smile: & other; Now in preparation. Throughout the &; & other; Like when & lsquo; The furnace main & rsquo; ? Throughout the &; & other; We take it in turns to, will be a good. Throughout the &;

dragon boat, so gather flexor home village, changhua together with sister, summon a poet write Chinese characters, also summon a heritage of the Chinese national spirit in one thousand.

spirit like Taiwan poet wrote: & other; Are you the disciple of poetry, why still care not surnamed bow? Throughout the &;

read “ai ying”, “huai sha” who don’t respect poem teach?/who is not proud of Chinese personality sentiment? & ndash; & ndash; Zheng sorrow to

flexor home village, insisting that qu yuan as for taihe palace, is said to be due to a few decades ago flexor home village people defy spirit in Taipei, tainan no name of the man, but to worship qu yuan. Honor qu yuan in Taiwan, therefore, never stop flexor home village, Dragon Boat Festival is Taiwan from north to south, one of the most important festival in a year have a holiday, eating zongzi, rowing, see the show, are early summer of each year there will be activities.

every Dragon Boat Festival, Taiwan has the water town hold dragon boat race, the top executive of the local leaders, and other Shirtless & throughout; Play rowing, in Taipei mayor ma ying-jeou had to participate in the activities of rowing, now, he by the mayor promoted Taiwan’s highest chief, also to the new north city bitan arty dragon boat race. GuLeSheng, Shouting, the boat, along the water spread out the food stalls, street peddler every dragon boat race is a folk, the days for the common people beautiful.

acacia need space distance, condensed to the extension of time, moved the farther, the more you have to come ceremony to deepen the coordinates of the road. Dragon Boat Festival, it is far away from the children of Chinese heritage of Chinese civilization of the Yangtze river, Yellow River of a node. Poet yu guangzhong verse of this plot: the: where there is water, there is a dragon boat/a dragon boat boatrace drums for someone/you are constant in the front of the drum guide/ai li water ghost ah you floating soul/drums from upstream chase you to downstream/that/from a dragon boat on to the next dragon boat & hellip; & hellip;

because of the last Dragon Boat Festival and the Dragon Boat Festival, whether in Taiwan or Hong Kong and macau, both the Pacific coast and the Atlantic side, where the imprinting of the Chinese nation’s people will remember qu yuan, remember lost, remember that the Chinese civilization, because & other; Where there is water there anyone want to home/shore where chu song is four/you are in the song, wind, water & hellip; & hellip; (yu guangzhong) & throughout; ; But also because, as the poet zheng want to say: who is not proud of Chinese personality sentiment?