Taiwan girls paint personification mainland provinces hit Beijing into a “jing ye” (FIG.)

31 provinces were modeled as different characters, highlight around the local conditions and customs; Netizens praised painting & other; Special Eva & throughout;




Beijing – (reporter Yang xu road) if China every province substitute anthropomorphic cartoon, you will be painted what Beijing? Recently, the netizens from & other; Mysterious philosopher’s stone & throughout; Found the answer in the comic strip, Beijing has become a hand fan, arms jinghu & other Jing ye & throughout; . In addition to Beijing, mainland other 30 provinces (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), also in a variety of character image, reflects the characteristics of local customs, netizens have called by & other; Eva & throughout; Fall over.

manga authors claim & other; Han wang & throughout; In Taiwan, 18, is animation game is a university freshman girls. After six years of her life in mainland China especially like around the local conditions and customs. In parting, like comic she intends to make this piece, as a practice, give yourself and netizens. Next, & other; Han wang & throughout; Plan to use 4 years university to continue writing & other; Province proposed & throughout; Cartoon.

creation reason


& other; Province proposed & throughout; Cartoons when practicing the ritual

& other; Han wang & throughout; Told the Beijing news reporter in an interview, she had learned sketch, cartoon is basic to buy books through self-study.

because of the father work, & other; Han wang & throughout; Has settled in Shanghai, jiangsu and zhejiang, 6 years have also been to hunan, anhui, Inner Mongolia and other places to travel. & other; Han wang & throughout; Said love all over mainland China cultural customs, but last year on September 14, she must go back to Taiwan to study, in order to leave a practice, she thought of the brush in his hand.

this time, she imitate the manga I like the black tower leah. This is a serial cartoon on the Internet, in the history of the world, for the spindle, culture, anthropomorphic customs will be a number of countries. & other; Han wang & throughout; Inspired, painted in 31 provinces (except Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) & other; Province proposed & throughout; Cartoon.

before leaving the mainland, she drew a dozen & other; Province proposed & throughout; Comics, the rest is done using their spare time in Taiwan, before and after over half a year.

Creating the

online help & other; Throughout the discerning &;

in order to better understand the characteristics of the various provinces local conditions and customs, still in school & other; Han wang & throughout; Spent more than 10000 new Taiwan dollars (about 2500 yuan renminbi) bought this 29 provinces tourism, this cultural China, atlas and other information.

in addition to draw cartoons, she returned to each & other; Province proposed & throughout; Characters with a paragraph of text, introduce local customs, and most of these rabbi from users all over the country.

in addition, the Internet will also help her & other Throughout the discerning &; . Upload & other; Province proposed & throughout; Cartoons at the same time, & other; Han wang & throughout; Don’t forget to remind, due to my poor knowledge, such as content is wrong, please immediately notify her.

she gave in hebei province, for example, drawing & other; Province proposed & throughout; Character is hold local specialty of finely-chopped & other; Hebei brother & throughout; , but the donkey fire by her as a circle. On January 10, the hebei net friend remind, again she finely-chopped changed to the correct square.

s story

in the heart of old Beijing didn’t express fully

in han wang, Beijing embodiment & other; Jing ye & throughout; , holding the jinghu, also like to use folding fan blocking mouth, speaks often beat around the bush cuts, a rare & other Old Beijing & throughout; .

these ideas are derived from her trip to Beijing in late July of last year, at that time, had to now comics & other; Jing ye & throughout; Ideas, in the heart of han wang, only an old Beijing.

& other; I want to express the old Beijing, this is an idea I came back from Beijing, because Beijing’s history, is a treasure place for old culture and new culture fusion. If every picture is modern, it is difficult to have symbolic. Throughout the &; Han wang explains.

she going to a comic book about the four municipalities directly under the central government, but the idea of & other; Jing ye & throughout; And now present the appearance of Internet are far, & other; Old Beijing performance very hard, I’m still in learning. Throughout the &;

originally, han wang wants to give & other; Jing ye & throughout; In the prince and the Ming emperor, but because do not good to verify information, by netizens pointed out that a lot of mistakes. Like painted the erhu, jinghu much more on the jacket pocket, hang Chinese knot on the waist.



& other; The central plains throughout the hardest painting &;

the Beijing news: which province is the first picture you, are you familiar with?

han wang: yes, a second home in Shanghai, creativity is the result of see the building on the bund, reminiscent of the old Shanghai, give & other; Shanghai niang & throughout; Painted in the cheongsam, after all, cheongsam in Shanghai, but the early by netizens evaluation of miserable, seemingly Shanghai net friend likes the boy image.

the Beijing news: men and women of every province set roles according to what standard?


culvert, for example, would have been & other; Jiangsu & throughout; Set to women, because everyone to jiangsu the first think of beautiful women, like to go to sichuan and chongqing, but I’ll find a lot of information, considering that jiangsu is water, the water in the extreme cold, will be frozen, if you are weak girl image to inherit, certainly not, jiangsu is water, but it is very strong, strong enough to constant dropping wears away a stone, it changed to a handsome boy.

the Beijing news: feel difficult to draw what provinces, because not all provinces have their own distinct characteristics.


culvert is the central provinces are hardest to draw, because I haven’t been to, difficult to describe.