Taiwan’s food critics “JiaoTong: record 15 tons a day

Taiwan & other; Food critics & throughout; JiaoTong “gluttony river’s lake”, “Taiwan flavor” recently published by sanlian bookstore. Open individual freedom of Taiwan on the mainland, the mainland book food will become the diner’s guide in Taiwan.


JiaoTong, born in 1956 in Taiwan’s kaohsiung city, Taiwan food magazine founder, diet culture, chairman of the association of Taiwan, ever presided over planning & other; Along with the garden banquet & throughout; , & other Impressionism dinner & throughout; , & other Literature banquet & throughout; A variety of topics such as the feast, have a passion for food.

binge eating food by & other Occupational injuries throughout the &;

for recently CNN&ldquo at preserved eggs; The most disgusting food & throughout; Top, JiaoTong said, don’t ignore them, they think we eat soup pig blood, pig blood cake, probably will think we are vampires.

every day interacting with Chinese cuisine, focusing tung is a very happy thing. He said lament, & other; I have to admit that this is a lot of people work very envy, I also feel is a plum assignment, but there are inevitably & lsquo; Occupational injuries & rsquo; . Throughout the &; Binge eating and injury, and the physical index is very high, however, he wasn’t going to go on a diet. & other; Dieting is a very difficult thing, I always can’t do. Throughout the &;

politicians like junk food

at times, he wants to leave Taipei to southeast to do fieldwork, because the journey far away, time is precious, his record is a day had 15. & other; Call a table, have a bite, taste just spit it out, often eat hurt the restaurant owners. Because we can not continue to eat, it will spoil the body. Throughout the &;

he like shellfish food, especially like eating fat fat cream with hairy crabs, yearned for, he always go with hairy crab pilgrimage to mainland, like once a year. One day, he went on the market to buy 11 at 6 crab home for breakfast, friends have been called to ask out his stroke.

& other; Good food to eat seven minutes full, of course, is the most conforms to health, and most can realize the beauty of food. Have been stuffed food like big stomach king, that is the most boring, and hurt the body. Throughout the &; He always thought, indigestion, drunken people, are not gourmet.

in his view, good food, good cook, be careful operation, can be out of the food. & other; Good food, for example, should not be too far away from that place, because carbon is too big, not environmental protection, but also lose food freshness. Now more and more people pay attention to food production resume. Throughout the &;

JiaoTong Ting feast, often in the name of literature do every time after the seminar, & other; Literature banquet & throughout; . And scholars have participated in such theme dinner, after some years, they have forgotten what the papers published, but clearly remember eating any food. Between the poet and gourmet dual identity of JiaoTong, talk about politics, is a fresh, this is an alternative in Taiwan. JiaoTong said: & other; Is I most despise politicians. Every time I eat bad food, think of them, these people just like these junk food. Throughout the &;


cooking is important thing for the food critic

guangzhou daily: for a gourmet cooking experience is very important?

JiaoTong: because of the time, I have many years not to cook, but I will teach home aunt cooking. Cooking experience is very important, let me understand that creation of reason. As if a man write drawing review, if do not have any painting experience, I feel hard to avoid some regret, because is unlikely to enter to the core technology. A write literature reviews, if do not have any literary creation experience, I think he will have a gap, can only be built on stilts to discuss abstract concept, can’t enter the creative core of aesthetics. So I think cook for a researchers engaged in the food culture is very important thing, can’t be ignored.

guangzhou daily: how do you think Chinese position in the world?

JiaoTong: 50 years ago, if you ask a what americans love Asian food, he will say, probably the first Japanese cuisine, the second Chinese cooking. Once upon a time, the Chinese cuisine has become the world’s most cheap and shoddy food, that we all have our responsibility. Began to slowly over the years of refinement, we from eat satisfied, eat well, to eat, so many restaurants in Taipei in the world will not lose to the most high-end French cuisine and Japanese cuisine.