Taiwan’s rare “butterfly lovers love butterfly” for male left female right (FIG.)

large swallowtail butterfly Yin and Yang, the right for males and left for the female. Image: Taiwan’s apple daily

Chen Mingxian will show a rare large swallowtail butterfly Yin and Yang two months. Image: Taiwan’s apple daily

Beijing, Feb. 7 (xinhua) according to Taiwan’s apple daily reported, Taiwan chiayi found 1 only commonly known as a holiday village the butterfly house & other; Butterfly lovers love butterfly & throughout; Large swallowtail butterfly Yin and Yang, the right is male, the left is the females, industry Chen Mingxian afraid butterfly scales fall off powder, found the next day insect specimen, hurriedly please chiayi university day this month (10) is expected to show up to April 10.

the university of Georgia insects wen-feng hsiao, says Dr Yin and Yang is the real reason for adjustment, at present there are two, one is in the process of cell division, accident lost half determinant other chromosomes; Another way, it’s two sperm into an egg at the same time, genetic mutations.

butterfly is one chance in one hundred million of Yin and Yang, the butterfly life only half a month to a month on average, the later found that the butterfly wings of the less scale powder; The specimens in feather butterfly found the next day, intact scale specimens of powder is quite rare, worth at least nt $millions.