Take a magnifying glass tang: she just wanted to be an actor

tang after sealing in the mainland. Site is Macao water dance theatre, the party is against the so-called & other; The fourth power & throughout; Crown in the media, the judges are well-known cultural workers. A silvery, Dior dress, with modelling concise necklace and bracelet, the modelling of tang appears quiet inside collect, spotlight a sequins on the dress and accessories on the diamond immediately flashed. Tang wei won the best actress, the media in many shouted & other; Tang, come on! Throughout the &; She held up the copper & other; Running an Oscar statuette & throughout; , borrowed from the Hong Kong actor paw hee-ching BaoJie words with the same field: & other; Ordinary, steadfast, actors can do the job for a long time. Throughout the &;

look at the 11th Chinese media film award winners, tang duo with film after crossing hennessy is not the biggest winner, “let the bullets fly” and “when love comes” won awards more and more weight, darling, ge ge big ye also take the train go to macau, but tang is the awards and the absolute focus media reported. The strong concern for two reasons, first of all, this is tang starred in “the color, caution since the first harvest from mainland China after the champions league (tang last month with the film” late autumn “harvest South Korea best want to award for best actress), 2 it is being hit finally disappeared in the founding of tang. Motivation is behind mood: sympathy, the fate of the tang to the tang set up artificial bumpy.

there is a media comment on the title of the interpretation of the emotion well, they said “she late era”, feeling of love. About & other; Tang era & throughout; Thing, “she said, in 2007, the color, summer rose after the release, in & other; Blocked & throughout; After the depression, be revived at the end of 2010: after crossing hennessy, tang in 2011 will have a three star of published work, and she is in the founding of the guest is considered & other; To be recognized in the mainland & throughout; The important symbol, the media and even named in 2011 in advance & other; In tang & throughout; . From the press conference confirmed in jiangnan first prince TaoYi, came to the elements being deleted when triggered speculation, to vanish from the 108 cast, the only direct soup is a star-studded the founding of the most popular topic.

to objectively examine the road of tang actor, the color, summer morning rush is a sudden pull up & ndash; A study in academy of fine arts among, twice to enter oneself for an examination acting, the third to directing to success. During the period of school is the biggest bright spot and directing students to participate in the performance workshop director Stan lai, in the rehearsal of “the dream of a dream” in play leading lady. After graduating from tang play, television, movies, TV shows, also participated in the miss universe pageant, even got a CCTV movie channel lily award, have echo. When tang and all gifted dream without too much space of the north drift, put both determined and confused to find the opportunity, when she brought to the front of ang lee’s fate will be, ang lee and let her and turns this role.

“Lust, caution”, a

the release of a controversial, only with soup. Someone feel sorry for famous late tang, 28 years old, but if and in recent years compared to red up old play bone wang xueqi, tang has to calculate & other Known to early & throughout; The typical. Stan lai said, destiny is tang.

red immediately after & other; Blocked & throughout; , the most let fans grind and regret, but for tang, this is just bad luck? It does make it difficult to splicing, the color, caution since we just met in the crossing hennessy tang, her team within a few years only & other; Curve saving & throughout; , but it is also a powerful force to keep the popularity, is forced to stand in the opposite of the hated by the strong, used to silence & other The weak & throughout; Tang to the media and fans, magazine covers, walked the red carpet fashion, be abstract class magazine coined the motivational the growth of the touching story, she received a lot of stars for it shall not be sustained attention. Is an indisputable fact that, in the absence of works under the condition of density and horrifying gossip, in the entertainment circle so forgetful and impetuous, tang was red all the way now, who is to say that not one of them & other; The fate of the bumpy & throughout; Out of a force?

people often take & other; Smooth & throughout; Zhang ziyi and & other; Through the training & throughout; Compared to the tang, actually everybody has the ebb and flow, tang in & other; Blocked & throughout; Grow up, do not even the zhang ziyi recently because various & other; Door & throughout; And got the deposit? Hone her opponent is not just a ban on paper. If you want to take one more similar example, in the history of the youngest actor Tony leung ka-fai, as “burning yuanmingyuan” appeared in the mainland and Taiwan, once only and friends in Hong Kong street stalls selling handmade jewelry, he said: & other; People all want to life, even if your exam is top so what, I took the best actor what, no photos or to continue to live, this is also a kind of life-style. Throughout the &; Most actors have only passive life, up and down or so and see will understand more, ups and downs is the avenue, expand, the vast majority of people don’t we also is such?

who won’t be denied that tang is a very good actor, now she is on the screen showing the temperament of is also a rare alone, in the present Chinese actors speak a bit disgusting, finish see crossing hennessy, I like all the oi-lin. I just wanted to say, don’t take a magnifying glass to watch and read the fate of the tang (banned clean than she returned), which projected some extra emotion. One of only two works actor, such a high position in people’s heart, the acting outside the content may be too much. We have been in some people because a character is blocked an actor, also don’t cry because it is & other; Blocked & throughout; And she’s on the shelf icon shrines. Actors to hone skills through a pick up a work for identification, and idol only need to put on (or into) a stance can cause high tide. Unfortunately icon is always one disillusioned, also good tang said she just wanted to be an actor.

the author is theatre worker