Talk to zhou enlai law of wine: a third of the drink no more than my capacity for liquor

because of Beijing and other cities has drunk driving cause casualties incident, I again remind of the years of premier zhou has left us. Drink to self-discipline warned repeatedly before his death, and did not drunk and no vomiting-inducing toasts. Now to revisit these speeches and regulation, how important it is.

in the early days after foundation, premier zhou see reports of adverse impact on individual diplomat drinking too much, after criticism from the diplomat, has made a diplomatic personnel in charge of foreign affairs and a third of the drink no more than my capacity for liquor regulation, notify each department carry out at home and abroad. At that time, I work in the xinhua news agency, she heard the message. Later when I was abroad as a resident journalist in China, and to me communicate a variety of disciplines related to foreign affairs, including the rules. In the early 1970 s, I transferred to the foreign embassies, with some comrades in the study all aspects of the foreign affairs discipline, this drink is also discussed.

I work to the ministry of foreign affairs, premier zhou in the great hall of people called the moment of opportunity to listen to his speech. Every twelve o ‘clock at night, the waiter brought you get teary, everyone was eating get teary, with premier zhou talked about all sorts of problems. On one occasion, I do not know who is mentioned to drink, premier zhou said, can drink some wine, but not too much. In diplomatic occasions, of course, are not allowed to, can’t more than a third of the drink, this is the foreign affairs discipline. Even in daily life, at home, too much is not good, not only hurt the body, and easy to spoil the broth, and even cause unpleasant, damage the harmony between the family and relatives and friends. Anyway, drinking must pay attention to self-discipline.

then, I can’t listen to him several times to drink too much. On one occasion, he also talked about the experience in Moscow. He talks to Moscow in early 1950 and signed the treaty. At that time, chairman MAO was in Moscow. Stalin is often in the middle of the night after the call, please chairman MAO and his past. President and his thought to discuss something, after just know is drinking. The big table there are a lot of wine, food is also very rich. Participants are some leadership, don’t talk about anything else, is gossip, drinking to drink until the morning to go home to sleep drunk. Premier zhou said, drink, so not only hurt the body, and influence the work; We no matter which level of leadership, drinking to self-discipline, and do the lower also should pay attention to protect our leadership, let them drink less, more can’t drunk.

I saw premier zhou was in a small conference harshly criticized a diplomat, to an embassy diplomats vomiting-inducing toasts, causing the latter drink many, had an accident when driving back to the embassy, also hurt people. He said angrily, this is a serious violation of diplomatic discipline. Later be vomiting-inducing toasts, including foreigners and Chinese. He also said that our comrades have a very bad habit, is vomiting-inducing toasts, liquor, is much more than those who drink, drink many comrades body is broken. And, not only to the Chinese vomiting-inducing toasts and give foreigners vomiting-inducing toasts, causing some foreigners to drive back out of the car accident, and are a bad influence.

I used to work in the embassy in Europe for many years, know local police and the courts to especially deadly event handling is very severe, ordinary people are afraid to violate. Us embassy in a banquet or reception, a lot of guests to apologize to us, said they have to drive back, cannot drink or drink beer or wine. Some joy drink Chinese liquor guests, in particular, are mostly take a taxi back and forth, or by car, parked nearby yard, to take a taxi back to the second day early in the morning to pick up again. We joined the local banquet and conference host doesn’t give us vomiting-inducing toasts, let guests to drink as much as they can drink.

in the past, we all have no, to participate in public or private after dinner by the department of a car or by bus to go home. Now, a lot of people have the car, drunk driving events that trouble is greatly increased. Therefore, back to premier zhou was drinking to discipline the provisions of the speech and did all kinds of drink, have great practical significance.

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