Temple push “think” experience applicants across the country has more than two hundred

temple scenery

yesterday, given the lower st wealth temple, buddhist monks and lay people in chanting. Photography Jiang Yue

yesterday, temple house of holy wealth temple, monks and lay people in chanting. Photography Jiang Yue

yesterday, a content for & other; Introduced are green temple I think & throughout; Weibo turn crazy on the Internet.

as of last night at half past eight letters only official Po this weibo was forwarded more than 2000 times.

temple official website hits the sharp rise in the previous visits to only a few hundred times, yesterday had exploded to more than 5000 times.

I think? Real or fake? Express the reporter visited temple abbot is a cross the mage.

this short term monk’s vow activity actually seven or eight years ago began

wisdom crossing the mage said, traffic soared yesterday, because I don’t know who made the announcement hair weibo. Event announcements are green temple to launch this short term monk’s vow, is the earliest in May, on their official blogs. And I think, this is not the first time, & other; Started in 2006 at the earliest. Throughout the &;

at that time, the object, the main is some work pressure big, very the person of thought and stay in the temple, and other Are not on a regular basis. Throughout the &;

and they lived in the temple of time is not long, for a week, a month, are scattered.

this is out of a public announcement, associated with intellectual crossing the mage is busy recently, he wanted to make concentrated to people who are interested in this short term monk’s vow, he also convenient communication with you.

wisdom crossing the mage said, I think activities held for a long time, start rolling and the latest issue of class time is July 15.

in crossing the mage’s view, Buddhism in many classic, close to life, it is helpful to social harmony and peace, personal cultivate one’s morality raises a gender.

, for example, a book is to say, what kind of people can contact, what kind of person can’t contact that is how to deal with social relationships; And the scriptures mean, how to deal with family relationships, such as the relationship, old woman daughter-in-law relation, and so on.

wisdom crossing the mage said, the people attending the activity I think, will be reading the classics. In so doing, to let them calm down and no longer blundering, understand more of a person.

why the man more than 7 years old can

women are at least 18 years of age

obviously, the power of the weibo, also let wisdom mage surprised.

yesterday, express reporter saw him, he is busy to reply, put forward by the netizens about this & other; I think & throughout; Activity is the most concentrated.

, for example, a statement said, becoming a monk tentative time for 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years. So the length of time whether there is a special purpose?

wisdom crossing the mage answer is, in fact did not deliberately to arrange like this registration, only a few people become a month, & other; Because they are students, only have the summer vacation time. Throughout the &;

, for example, notice requirements, male the age requirement of the monk class, you can at least 7 years old above, while female the net class at least 18 years of age.

his explanation is that the monastery monk, are all of one suit, if the small age, life will take care of not convenient, but at least 18 years of age to take care of yourself no problem for certain.

when in applications to enter I think, will be asked to fill out a form, it has & other; You have the knowledge of the skills & throughout; Options, such as computer knowledge application, financial management, etc.

wisdom crossing the mage said, sign up this content, please indicate as except for development potential as a reference, sometimes when answering question can also be targeted for example, at the same time, when the specific arrangements become physical labor, also may be appropriately adjusted. Like performing skills, sometimes to teach temple of volunteer singing, & other; Active dynamic atmosphere. Throughout the &; I think, the temple is not charge any fees, room and board are free.

according to incomplete statistics, as of the end of the evening at half past six, sign up this short term monk’s vow has more than 100 people, more than for 3 months.

these applicants, teacher and student, boss and freelancers, others are in the unit has a job, but still want to rest for a period of time.

the registration number, temple and the house of Commons (note: sorting) hangzhou SAN goods temple, is can receive. Think cross the mage said, the activity of enrollment will be limited in the following 200 people, because the person is more, the temple lived more than once in more than 200, so can only arrange behind have enrolled to the next stage.