Tennyson Victorian Britain’s most popular the most unique poet

Alfred & middot; Tennyson

Alfred & middot; Tennyson is a Victorian Britain’s most popular and the most characteristic of poets. His poem accurately reflect the opinions of the dominance of his time and interest, which is unmatched by any English poet era. The representative works of poems “mourning”.

in the late 19th century and early 20th century, many critics of Victorian puritanism, serious attitude and too much sentimental. Tennyson enrichment in their works the British middle class all kinds of bias and moral claims, this is his favorite material. Critics often ignored his creative skills and eloquence, excessive insists he blindly fawning on customs, too squeamish and optimism of shallow defects.

the middle of the 20th century, the critics of Tennyson reappraisal is both accepted the good aspects in his poems, also accept his faults. His short lyric poetry is very well, for the British landscape, natural scenery and the description is very good. His creative skills is almost perfect.

Justinian solms were born in county than 4 out of 12 brothers and sisters. His father is a village parish priest. Youth Tennyson was in his father’s reading a large number of books in the library, and began writing poetry at the age of eight. In 1827, Alfred and his brother Frederick, and Charles published the poems of the two brothers, actually this work including the works of three brothers. Alfred’s poems tend to be insipid, just pure imitation idol byron’s work. Tennyson entered Cambridge university in 1828. In 1829 his poem “timbuktu” won the gold medal the principal. He became a student groups & other; ACTS (theApostles) & throughout; A member of, and in light of the company in 1830, published in lyric poems. Some critics loved the book of the mariana and several other poems, but overall is a negative evaluation.

Tennyson’s father died in 1831 and left Cambridge Tennyson has not obtained a degree. In the second year he published a pamphlet, called the “poetry”, but has not been widely accepted. Essay writer Arthur & middot; Henry & middot; The lamb is Tennyson’s closest friends, and his sister’s fiance died in 1833. In the loss of friends and works by negative comments, under the double whammy of Tennyson has not published in recent 10 years. “Poetry” (two volumes, 1842), won the critics and the public a warm welcome. Best poems including “lapping” (inspired by the death of, lime and creation), “the death of king Arthur”, and “locksley hall”. Tennyson’s poem “princess” (1847) related to women’s rights, and tries to prove that a woman’s greatest achievement is a happy marriage. (gilberto and Sullivan poems into burlesque “princess IDA”.) Tennyson some of the best lyric blank verse comes from to & other; Tears, tears of emptiness & throughout; The opening of the poem “princess”. Later versions and join “softly, softly” and other a few songs.

1850 Tennyson’s life three big thing happened. Finally went to mourn, since the lamb died, has been working on this work Tennyson. It includes 131 short poem, plus a preface and postscript, is one of the greatest elegy in English literature, and Tennyson most can withstand the test of time. June Tennyson took Emily & middot; Searle ‘(EmilySellwood), the same year November Tennyson after William & middot; Wordsworth, as the poet laureate. Tennyson as poet laureate of the first formal work, is a solemn formally but a bit stiff sites “the death of the duke of Wellington” (1852). In 1854 created the hussars rashly, in memory of the British cavalry in the Crimean war battle of Balaklava (Balaklava) reflected in heroic. “Maude”, is published in 1855, a long monologue poetic drama, an influential critics.

1853 years later, Tennyson most of the time living in their own laws in the isle of wight ford (Farringford) manor, sometimes live in 1868 built in surrey al of a house. After “maude” cold reception, Tennyson enclosed himself in the law, set out to create poems “king’s epic”. This series of 1859 published the first part, about king Arthur and his knights of the first part, immediate success. The Enoch & middot; the ardennes and other poems (1864) in the “Enoch & middot; ardennes” is one of the most famous poems of Tennyson. Other several slightly inferior historical drama works include “the queen Mary” (1875), “Harold” (1877), as well as the beckett (1879). Full version of the king’s epic “and” te, ink and other poems published in 1889, “the death of oenone, dream and other poems published after his death in 1892. The folk songs and other poems (1880) in the beautiful short lyric poem “bar” shows the Tennyson quiet religious beliefs. The poet on October 6, 1892 forever. He recited the poem’s funeral guests. He was buried in the poet’s corner of Westminster Abbey, and Chaucer.