Terry hu 20 years without any entertainment Said li ao is a real “man”

terry hu.

YaoFang terry hu, hard to avoid very intently for her looks. The former is famous for its amazing beauty of Taiwan’s film and movie stars, to everyone’s more than just beautiful and sensibility, her wisdom, deep and wide Angle has known. People say she is a talented woman, is a lady, it is not our tent gypsy, is a landscape painter, is age singer, is the appreciation of art, is the meaning of life brave suitors & hellip; & hellip; But hu yinmeng small talk: & other; I just all around & lsquo; Dao friends & rsquo; , that’s all. Throughout the &;

late October 18, the end of the city women’s federation sponsored & other Shenzhen women culture salon & throughout; The first lecture, terry hu in his hotel room accepted our reporter an exclusive interview. Short hair, long gown and black cotton trousers, face still handsome; In addition to a pair of black glasses, and no thing. Terry hu said: & other; Reading, learning, occupies most of my current life time. For 20 years without any entertainment, physical and spiritual cultivation is the sort of every day, in this life the biggest lies in exploring the meaning of true knowledge. Throughout the &;

terry hu to Taiwan’s famous actor, writer, translator and physical and spiritual mentor. 20, starring the clouds deep don’t know where, over 15 years of career was launched. She starred in a “plum blossom”, “one day on the beach”, “we all grew up like this” and so on more than 40 films. After 35 years old, went out of the performance pyramid, terry hu as the physical and spiritual exploration and translation and writing, and for the first time to krishnamurti and Ken & middot; Wilbur idea introduction to Taiwan, and is committed to promoting & other; The new age & throughout; The female consciousness of revolution and issues such as ecological environmental protection. Its main works are “nonsense dreamspell”, published “wormwood lacus somniorum”, “the future of the ancient” and “incredible” in the life, etc.

about life:

& other; In the past 20 years without any entertainment & throughout;

one of the birth and death of karma, and provides the opportunities of the terry hu personal spiritual growth. She said: & other; Can not order picking to the every aspect of life, care for, with the most tolerant allow life since natural ran to show, to the harmony, the more tend to be without me with empty realm. Throughout the &;

terry hu said, very enjoy the life, & other; Probably get up at 6 o ‘clock every day, to have been at about 11:00 & lsquo; Adjustable body & rsquo; . At first is & lsquo; Pranayama & rsquo; And then is & lsquo; A mantra & rsquo; , use & lsquo; Spell the sound & rsquo; To the energy of the vibrating body, let it loose, then do some yoga. Basic is used for reading, translating and learning in the afternoon. Throughout the &; Terry hu said that over the past 20 years, she has no entertainment, basic & other; Shopping, watching movies have disappeared in your life, no socializing. In addition to the physical and spiritual every day’s rest, is to learn. Throughout the &;

because of the childhood mother hear PingJu, terry hu PingJu love with so far.

terry hu said that he had said had a wish: hope to & other; Feedback & throughout; . She said: & other; Before the age of 29 life is ignorant, later life is his own choice, especially after the age of 45, always feel time not enough use. I want to return to my life, I know want to share to female friends have the same demand. Throughout the &;


& other; Don’t & lsquo; Be disappear & rsquo; Throughout the &;

terry hu from German department, fu jen Catholic university, and inhibition and Greenwich area of New York, and manchuria royal descent, she is a blend of tradition and modern, classical and modern, east and west multiple temperament. As women, which is approved by terry hu and look forward to?

terry hu said that the whole process of life, women have not been trained to be an individual, their growth is very, very not easy, & other; Society of women is looking forward to hope that she can have a good partner, is dependent on the other. As far as I am concerned, this lifetime spent nearly 20 to 30 years to pursue an intimate relationship, in nearly 30 years old, suddenly wake up, & lsquo; This is not what I want to live a day & rsquo; , I don’t want to put my whole life on another person. I think that the meaning of life lies in exploring the truth, to understand the mystery of the inner. Anyone who can further interpret the truth or a book, I will actively to learn, to learn. Throughout the &;

& other; To seek the value of the fundamental & throughout; , & other Remove dependencies & throughout; And & other Find the creation of personal direction & throughout; Is terry hu want to say three words to women. She said: & other; To how many women in life & lsquo; Victims & rsquo; Role, in the end, such as children grow up, there will be a very deep loss, become & lsquo; Be disappear & rsquo; Woman, without the self. Throughout the &;

terry hu believe that the 21st century has entered into a & other; Affirmative age & throughout; , women should not be professional, role orientation, should find their own value, & other; Otherwise, when you get lost in a relationship or restricted by the mainstream, will & lsquo; Not happy & rsquo; . Throughout the &; Terry hu repeatedly stressed that the woman must know & other; Keeping in good health & throughout; , & other; This & lsquo; Keeping in good health & rsquo; Is not general fitness, a tonic, but care for the health of body and mind. The human body is a subtle system, & lsquo; Keeping in good health & rsquo; To know a certain is conducted on the basis of the human body meridian. Throughout the &;