The 10-year-old girl to write 120000 words fairy tale novels JiLianHai: is not surprising

the industry called & other; China’s primary school students first full-length novels written & throughout; Cat’s daughter recently held in Beijing the launch, the minister of fairy tale novel of 120000 words, ten years from Beijing the second of fourth-grade girls dan-tong zhu.

release ceremony atmosphere is very warm, the famous host that wei humorous language to let everyone from time to time bursts of laughter, “lecture room” JiLianHai field to promote the teacher, he said, as he knew dan-tong zhu’s mom and dad for many years, he knew dan-tong zhu has for many years, and together in changping happy harvest, play together. It seems to JiLianHai teacher dan-tong zhu to write at the age of ten more than ten word novel, is not surprising.

& other; Dan-tong zhu as far as I know, she is a like to read books, caring, love, to listen carefully to children. Although she is not rich life experiences, in ever travel, reading books can perceive the world. , in my opinion, the recommended dan-tong zhu’s novel cat’s daughter, real purpose is to expect the reader friends through this novel, see a sunshine healthy children, how to cultivate, in other words, family education for children’s growth, how important it is. Throughout the &;

Beijing experimental second President lee said: “the cat’s daughter” is a rich language, plot and vivid, full of love, children’s books, describes the children in the eyes of a happy life and a harmonious world, shows the children for a better life yearning and pursuit. Hope every child happy to read this book, believe that every child has his own gain.