The 60 old skin delicate, such as young woman show hot swimwear (FIG.)

the nearly 60 years of woman named Mary & middot; Haier, her skin is as delicate as young woman.

according to foreign media reports, British women, aged nearly 60 have tender skin, bright smile, she boldly put on recently hot swimsuit, to act as at a fashion magazine cover model, sexy degree didn’t lose in the young model.

it is reported that the woman named Mary & middot; Haier culture (Marie Helvin), she once was a super model, due to the maintenance of good, she kept young woman’s appearance, and slim figure. This is her exit modeling in nearly a decade, first discovered oneself still lithe and graceful figure.

haier said, & other; Like every woman, I also feel to the cruelty of time and tide wait for no man, but more importantly, we should find the right clothes decorated themselves, arouse the inner confidence. Throughout the &;

& have spent

haier in hot swimwear, take the cover of the magazine.