The ancient “candidates” oldest at the age of 102 To participate in the kangxi thirty-eight years after having obtained

there are 9.12 million students in 2013 the university entrance exam, ended yesterday. A lot of people will now the university entrance exam compared to the ancient imperial examination, in fact, & other; The university entrance exam & throughout; And & other Research & throughout; A & other; One word, great difference & throughout; , completely not & other; Comparison & throughout; . Today’s college entrance examination, is nothing but got into & other; Universities & throughout; Ancient continue their education, students are keen on the imperial examinations, although many aspiring people, but there are also many people is because & other; & lsquo; Test & rsquo; While the optimal shi & throughout; The great temptation. Northern song dynasty emperor Zhao Heng was in its “learn” call a spade a spade: & other; Throughout the book has its own gold room &; , & other Throughout the book has its own treasure to &; & hellip; & hellip;

ancient oldest & other; The examinee & throughout; Is how old?

guangdong old scholar jack thirty-eighth year at the age of 102 after having obtained

in ancient China, often take part in the imperial examinations is considered into the only way out of official career, ancient, students often grueling study purpose is mostly & other; Awake volunteers faculty name & throughout; And therefore & other; Research & throughout; There are many in the examination place & other; Repeatedly missed test & throughout; Candidates, one of the most representative character is the qing dynasty wu ching-tzu’s chin. & other; Fan4 jin4 approval & throughout; Is the story in the third chapter of the scholars, Fan Jinkao for more than 20 times, until a 54 year old when exceeded otherregions juren, so crazy for joy when he heard good news.

although fan4 jin4 approval story is fiction, but reflected in this is not fiction. In the imperial history, like fan4 jin4 54, also not unusual for the exam.

Ming 谈迁 in the ZaoLin miscellaneous him & middot; st set & middot; families suffer “, describes the story of a lot of students to participate in the Ming dynasty the imperial examinations. Two mentions a kool, Dong Youshen jinshi, were older candidates. Kool is jingzhou gong ‘an, and cabinet and records is & other; Hubei hometown & throughout; , have a good relationship. But kool test for 36 years, when he was at the age of 66 to do the examiner in zhang juzheng, exceeded otherregions jinshi.

compared with former Dali temple qing Dong Youshen, kool is not big, again Dong Youshen to the 70 – year – old & other; Three score and ten & throughout; Only exceeded otherregions jinshi, become an anecdotal stories of Ming dynasty officialdom. Fortunately Dong Youshen longevity, died only live to be 90, otherwise this fame is nothing.

the ancient age to the examinee and unlimited, so & other; Father and son, extensively throughout the &; The phenomenon is very common. Qing dynasty historian Wang Xizhuang (Wang Mingcheng) that year was descend with the show just dad. But Wang Xizhuang at the age of 32, & other; One currently sit two people & throughout; (second) exceeded otherregions qianlong nineteen years jinshi, made a big officer. After having obtained, metropolitan examinations and Wang Xizhuang father still failed the later to take the exam while on a crutch. According to the clear barnyard grass class notes & middot; test class “& other; Wang Xizhuang along with the age of parent should research & throughout; Article described above, the one with Wang Xizhuang the superintendent of the same year as officials officials advised Wang Fu, so big old why to take an exam? Old scholar seriously said: & other; The gentleman courageously tzu chi branch name. Throughout the &;

in Chinese history of ancient and modern test & other; The examinee & throughout; Age record, years of centenarians in the qing dynasty, is the guangdong shunde old scholar jack. Chen Kangqi according to qing dynasty recorded in “LangQian ji smell two pen”, jack to kangxi thirty-eight years (AD 1699) after having obtained the 102 – year – old, has a great grandchild. Jack in the examination room & was written on the lanterns at the other; Centenarians view field & throughout; Four characters, guided by the son of admission, and pronounced if miss in this exam, at age 105, too, to have a good luck at the age of 108.

a feeling, super – like jack examinee in qing dynasty are not uncommon. Qianlong, in six years (AD 1795) to the provinces reported to 70 years of age or older to attend to the examinee of up to 122 people, of which 80 years old, 90 years of age or older, and test the examinee 92 people over three games.

moved by emperor qianlong to the older students, & other; Throughout all add reward &; . During the period of qianlong emperor, had been given to older examinee fame, such as qianlong 35 years (AD 1770), after having obtained in the metropolitan examinations of jiangxi province, the county 99 examinee wel, stick to take an examination of three games still not exceeded otherregions, qianlong after heard that, & other; A reward to the juren & throughout; .

ancient have & other; Answer read & throughout; ?

tang & other; The examinee & throughout; Jing fang temple courtyard Peter & other; Summer class & throughout;

the college entrance examination examination site now a lot of, can nearby to take an examination, in ancient times, the imperial examination of the first round test & other; After having obtained & throughout; A province, or large area is only a test, is the province unified examination. Behind the higher level of examination is a unified national examination, the examination room is located in the city, the examinee to travelling & other; Highest & throughout; . So, a lot of examinee (for children) in the capital after the exam & other; Borrowing more, jing fang temple courtyard homes and live & throughout; Slogging away, behind closed doors, into the next round of the reference appendix to review. This phenomenon is especially obvious in the test well the qualifications.

in the tang dynasty, the city without leaving home after the examinee test, also called & other; Throughout the summer &; , because going to the city in summer, the review test. This still make arrangements for their learning in high temperature season, also called & other; Summer class & throughout; . With li zhao tang dynasty “tang fill national history”, & other; Is the degree, of the summer; The practice in the summer class. Throughout the &;

in the tang dynasty, represented by the summer class restudy wind especially popular. Summer class the main job is & other; Write a composition & throughout; For the creation of the poems.

to be sure, the ancient examinee don’t leave home after finish test, also has its objective reasons. Ancient traffic inconvenience, the family condition good candidates of vessel and vehicle ride, poor want to rely on to walk to Beijing to take an examination of the way less time consuming time, bulls months or half a year. Many students even in the local government or the rich local funding to attend, so many students just don’t go home, stay in the capital, so free travel and travel, and review time.

in the ancient imperial examination & other; Line volume & throughout; What is the row?

in the tang dynasty poet bai juyi by & other; Line volume & throughout; Exceeded otherregions jinshi

in the tang dynasty, the examinee the examination does not leave, in addition to & other; Summer class & throughout; Review the need for outside, also has relationship with another important activities, this is & other; Line volume & throughout; .

the so-called & other; Line volume & throughout; Is making advances to the examinee, enter through the back door. Specific operation so: will feel get to work to make a scroll or a binder, send to officialdom and academic authority to celebrities, for these & other; Noble & throughout; , & other Celebrity & throughout; Recognition, recommended to the examiner. & other; Line volume & throughout; Tend to increase the examiner to the examinee & other Brownie points throughout the &; , increase exceeded otherregions rate directly.

in the tang dynasty famous poet bai juyi in zhenyuan sixteen years (AD 800) exceeded otherregions jinshi, is benefiting & other; Line volume & throughout; . According to “tang orphan words” records, bai juyi to changan to attend at the beginning of the imperial examinations, without a little fame, he with his poems and find the Gu Kuang culture celebrities, poet. Gu Kuang listen to laugh, said chang everything is expensive, want to live down is not easy, the so-called & other; Changan everything is expensive, reside big not easy & throughout; Was quoted as saying on Monday. Farewell to GuYuan grass “when read the & in the other Throughout, wildfires burn born again when the spring breeze blows &; 1, Gu Kuang immediately changed to: & other; There is a so, what is difficult in the world! Throughout the &; Bai juyi favored by Gu Kuang kind words.

& other; Line volume & throughout; Is actually a kind of cheating, corruption is the imperial examination, but is very popular in the tang dynasty, some take an examination of well or unsuccessful students, as long as possible will find a way & other; Line volume & throughout; .

ancient college entrance examination have & other; Take care of points throughout the &; ?

song MAO song taizu set & other; Play throughout name &; 15 times test in jinshi not & other; Give undergraduate background & throughout;

of course, the ancient examinee in after the exam is the most important and most urgent, is waiting for the arrival of under time, waiting to admit fractional line is equivalent to the modern.

the ancient imperial examination also have special admission, the mechanism of abnormality admits, existence & other; Points throughout the &; , & other Characteristic series & throughout; This kind of phenomenon. In the song dynasty, for example, the exceeded otherregions in & other; Is played name & throughout; , & other Play throughout name &; Difference, somewhat similar to the modern in the college entrance examination & other; Officially enroll throughout &; With & other; Throughout the admissions &; .

the so-called & other; Play throughout name &; , is a special song dynasty jinshi admission mechanism, namely in the test list and the examinee, jinshi examination repeatedly not in several rounds of exams, and to a certain age, by the equivalent of modern education does special tabulation, submitted to the court, directly take the last round of exams, selects the order of merit, bestowed jinshi origin or corresponding titles.

in the song dynasty, the imperial examination is divided into solution try, province, the first position (the emperor presided over) level 3. The so-called & other; Solution to try & throughout; , namely the states of the tang dynasty, the Ming and qing dynasties, after having obtained, metropolitan examinations when for the first level of the ancient imperial examination link test. The examinee of tang and song dynasties by solving the try said & other; GongShi & throughout; , the Ming and qing dynasties call & other; Throughout this &; ; Through the last position of the candidate called & other; Jinshi & throughout; Jinshi, first of all accounts & other; Top & throughout; .

a, after having obtained become GongShi metropolitan examinations can pass, juren, is also very difficult. That year, Chen duxiu was failed after having obtained. Chen duxiu was first to participate in local government organizations & other The boy tried & throughout; , although we successfully passed the & other; The show just & throughout; , but after having obtained the metropolitan examinations to jiangnan Hiram’s hospital for fallen off.

because it is difficult to pass, after having obtained the various dynasties, more or less to this part of the reference great determination, & other Exam time we miss & throughout; Students have to take care of. Among them, the way to take care of the song dynasty & other; Play throughout name &; Most candidates.

according to the highly & middot; election zhi a record, the founding emperor of the northern song dynasty song taizu (MAO) to open the treasure three years (AD 970), and other Does not read GongShi and 15 for a letter to the taste of final, one hundred and sixty people, give undergraduate background & throughout; . That is to say, for 15 consecutive jinshi examinations, also do not have exceeded otherregions examinee is & other Play throughout name &; The opportunity. Actually have to wait until the examinee to take care of, it is not easy. Generally need to 15, three hundred and forty to be given, jinshi, least to reach when grandpa, so said this & other; Play throughout name &; For & other; The old list & throughout; .

because not officially enroll, the age is big, on social & other; The old list throughout the &; The evaluation is low. Recoil bang-ji zhang song mo zhuang, have so a record: fujian, xu Yu through & other; Play throughout name &; Takashi, was rather two years jinshi, attending held in the imperial garden grove Joan & other; Smell the reception & throughout; After you ride home fiber. After & other; The red light district & throughout; , safflower let others prostitutes away, but nobody to xu Yu flowers. Xu Yu for this sad, on the wall of the hostel room sense: & other; The blue charming old officer, by im banquet wine “wide. Kang ping do no one asked, palace to stay wake up to see. Throughout the &;

in addition & other; Play throughout name &; This special care, in the ancient imperial examination of course not less money & other; Buy scores & throughout; , & other Buy the admission notice & throughout; Such as corruption. As in the Ming dynasty, entered the quo zi jian in the highest institution of higher learning to read & other; Cases of supervisor & throughout; Students, is to spend money to get to the entrance indicators.