The ancient Egyptian statue “rotation” at the university professor challenged

an ancient Egyptian statue Manchester museum in the display case & other; Rotation & throughout; And many researchers attention.

23 Britain’s daily telegraph reported that the statue is about 25.4 cm high, the museum has collections of 80 years. It was found that recently will slowly turning herself on the display case. The museum Egyptologist Campbell & middot; Price is introduced, which usually in the tomb with the mummy. He put the & other; Rotation & throughout; And Egypt & other; Curse & throughout; Together: & other; In ancient Egypt, people believe that if the mummy was destroyed, sculpture can become a carrier of the soul. Throughout the &;

however, Brian & middot; professor of physics at the university of Manchester, England Cox said the statue to move because the serpentine and under the glass of the statue is two surfaces, by & other; Differential micro friction & throughout; The vibrations cause. Price, statue in the library is the two surface, why have no moving before?