The ancient legend of the interview: son tooth the most creative, Confucius nearly died

the interview is not just a department of a kind of important method to select employees, or the candidate’s knowledge, ability, experience and other quality best show, so since ancient times, regardless of the examiners party or takes an exam the party attaches great importance to the interview. And some of the ancients of the interview, confirm the interview can also affect a person to the important role of fate.

the active interview is the originality of the tooth. Son tooth most destitute, more than 80 years old and his wife divorced him. After we received the news of talent Wen Wangji chang is, didn’t leave the shang dynasty, the domain of the tireless work came to weeks WeiShui, active on the test. To WeiShui, to raise their visibility and the first in time, the & other; WeiShui river there was a poor old man on a fishing trip can break people throughout life and death &; Promote a household name. After playing behavior art & ndash; & ndash; With straight hook fishing, don’t hang above the bait, and three feet high from the surface. This peculiar fishing method, finally reached the chang. After successively sends in soldiers and official invitation was rejected, chang realized that, the fishermen will be full of military strategy, vision of the master. And ate for three days, then take the gift, the selectmen to personally to sincere hire, and entrusts with an important task. Let the interview is putting the cart before the horse, when the monkey playing to unit of choose and employ persons, the tooth is the first person.

the tough interview by experience. Learned gifts of Confucius in the 20 s had great political retaliation, since a sheep herder in lu for many years, at the age of 55, not reuse with his students to travel many countries at that time, hope to be able to get reuse, also facilitate implementation of Confucian politics. It’s a pity that he publicized & other; ShiRenZheng & throughout; Such as that in the eyes of the surge of c is a pile of junk, is not much use. Therefore, Confucius has to guard, cao, song, zheng, Chen, chu and other nations interview many times, not only didn’t get the reuse, also several desperate straits, almost lost his life.

the awkward interview directed by meng haoran single-handedly. “Biography of Tang Caizi account: meng haoran swim changan at age 40, with wang wei. One day, wang wei private invited him to enter within the department, just met li to visit. Meet the emperor, this is nothing like interview opportunity, it’s a pity that meng haoran I don’t know, had the panic to escape to the bed. Wang wei can’t hide, truthfully report. Xuan zong “after see life, meng haoran should have a good show on their own talent, it’s a pity that he picked the wrong again dizzy dizziness brain works: & other; Democratic and timber, appeared more hydrophobic. Throughout the &; This poem let tang dynasty charmed displeasure: & other; You don’t want to be promoted, the samaritans, said I don’t need you, really will be framed! Throughout the &; Then turned a deaf ear to him. Because the unpleasantness, meng haoran not only missed the best interview, also get a door.