The ancient literati’s Lantern Festival: xin qiji’s holiday inner sadness

present the Lantern Festival, the ancients also called the Lantern Festival, of course, also called the Lantern Festival.

one thousand years, the Lantern Festival once in various appeared in literati’s attitude. Although each are not identical, each has his strong point, but the overall tone is bright. View light, moon, and let off fireworks and eat yuanxiao, guess riddles & hellip; & hellip; Family reunion, prosperous times time.

write poetry of yuanxiao, my favorite is the southern song dynasty poet xin qiji’s “sapphire case & middot; yuan evening” : or spend the night of dongfeng, more trees, stars like rain. Vulture car fragrance full way. Fung sound moving, horse-ray turn, night fish dragon dance. Moth hoary willow gold wisp, accomplished with faint aroma. He found thousands of baidu, suddenly look back, that person but in the lights dim.

the first words written and luxuriant, layer upon layer the creeping rendering, let’s see an unusual night, hang lanterns in the trees like open full of flowers, the sky of fireworks, such as rain, BMW car, moonlight circulation, drumming sound of attraction.

layers of rendering is the expression of the eyeball pen for the last sentence, to find, only to find that looking for the man who is not on this colorful strip, but stood in the shadow of the lamp when.

if you don’t know the first word of the time background, will think it is one of the new millennium, the people to live and work in peace and contentment, warm wind sweet night. And real time background is really, half of the southern song dynasty, has been under the aggressors committed. In this scenario, it can build a prosperous, surprise.

surface prosperous xin qiji’s Lantern Festival, inner sadness, only the sadness is hidden under the words, need to peel away layers, to be seen.

li qingzhao’s Lantern Festival is sentimental and nostalgic, she was “never meet joy & middot; molten gold” the setting sun in the said:

the sun melt gold, MuYun combination, people in where? Dye willow smoke concentration, blow MeiDi hatred, the awaken of spring is known how much? Fusion is the Lantern Festival, the weather, the time is there rain? To be called phase, XiangCheBaoMa, thanked his poem couple friends wine.

zhongzhou sheng, the door of a boudoir more free time, remember to lay particular stress on 35. Shop cui son, twist gold hoary willow, clusters with strife to chu. Now the gaunt and wind Huan frost came, be afraid of see go out at night. Not to, under the curtain son, heard laughter.

the first term is the end of his life, li qingzhao, while writing is the Lantern Festival, but did not see the Lantern Festival, whole style remains the same graceful and restrained, sad, just a layer of more nostalgic atmosphere. Throughout the most can move me, nature is the last sentence: not to, under the curtain son heard laughter. This way, a nifty little daughter home, there is also an elderly people indifferent, perhaps, or wronged himself. Once upon a time the Lantern Festival and now yuanxiao, appear alternately, in contrast, busy, no longer sad.

qing cao xueqin’s natural and ci poet of the Lantern Festival, the Lantern Festival is in the “red ray of dream” novel brushwork, arrangement, or deep or light colour. “Red ray of dream” begins with the first time, HuoQi holding the lotus to see jan lanterns, lost the lotus results. Ink, though few, but enough to see through the words of the festival, lively numerous and complicated. Back to 18, borrow yuan princess the perspective of mothering, look at the grand view garden is how to live in the Lantern Festival. The grand view garden in decorating, servant and master’s entertainment, the theatre, musical, listening to the ballad, eat drink, guessing, watch the fireworks. Here, the home of luxurious life of festival customs is well described. 53, yuanxiao banquet, the old woman led the people to drink, the theatre, gratuity, guess lantern riddles, eating lantern, although is also the best of luxury capabilities, have been vaguely smell the breath of some kind of sad. Cao xueqin’s Lantern Festival, civilians from jan wrote home of luxurious life of luxury, stretch to, is that sentence: take no one hundred days red, on the yen.

in literati’s works, we see the ancients night special sentiment and scene. Lantern Festival is not just our, is also the tradition of the elders, but also generation to live on.