The ancients diary disclosure period of northern song dynasty had begun to use crystal improve eyesight

the Ming dynasty, in the western regions and trade activities, glasses introduced into China from the western regions. Cindy cheung Ming dynasty recorded in the party states collectanea of, one day, he hu 豅 home for a visit, see give 豅 hu Ming zong father Hu Zongbo a pair of glasses.

this pair of glasses & other; Such as money supplied by two, shape color off like mica stone, and the quality is very thin, with metallographic contour and new, is a, disambiguation is two, such as city DengZi box, the old man faint not bian fine books, zhang it in his eyes, words are more double & throughout; .

glasses lens is very thin, glass frame is gold. Can together, eyes are dim the writing can’t read the book, put on it, to make legible.

Sun Jingzhang zong period of Ming dynasty’s participation in politics has a pair of glasses, his glasses is acquired at the cost of a good horse in the western regions of the merchants hand. At that time, the western people called the glasses & other; Ai arrest & throughout; . Years jiajing of the Ming dynasty LangYing once wrote in his draft of the seven repair kind:

& other; Taste smell less noble have glasses, the elderly can be used to view books, to doubt that the selection of literary works of jade Yao and so on. And HuoZi jiaqi to send one to, such as white coloured glaze, such as money, red bone with two piece, that open and fold. Never ask, yue: & lsquo; Gansu’s tribute to the person. & rsquo; Throughout the &;

to the qing dynasty, the guangdong people began to use crystal glasses, with exquisite workmanship, made careful, was the glasses in the first grade.

it is worth mentioning in the northern song dynasty liu Qi said in the free time diaries, shi kang hang when settle a lawsuit in the northern song dynasty, had to take a dozen crystal. Then you just know, originally it was because he couldn’t see the writing on official correspondence, to according with the crystal. Visible, when the northern song dynasty had begun to use crystal to help improve your eyesight.