The ancients have seen UFO: su dongpo seen flying saucers chanting songs “swim jinshan temple”

as early as thirty-four thousand years ago, our country has & other Speed & throughout; Legend, then we have & other; Red dragon & throughout; , & other The wheels & throughout; , & other VAT & throughout; , & other Jar & throughout; Such as resembling modern witnesses to this kind of phenomenon description or metaphor.

su dongpo once UFO?

in addition to the folk legend, also have a large number of records in ancient books, such as “chuang tzu” “gleanings article” the MengXi writing, “the imperial temples TongJian of materia medica” shanhaijing “twenty-four histories” and so on. Moreover in many local gazetteers, this sort of anecdote vision has abundant records, more in hubei pine zi county annals recorded similar so-called & other; The third type of contact & throughout; The examples. In the song dynasty poet su dongpo once in a poem describes his personal experience, the political: & other; & hellip; & hellip; Jiangxin seems to have a torch of fire, according to mountain habitat bird fly flame shock & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;

su dongpo in on his way to his job, once vigil zhenjiang jinshan temple. When black star dilute, river suddenly lit a fire to. This adventure make su dongpo felt confused, and in the swim among a poem recorded the scene, & other; When jiang on the primary component, two more month fall day deep black. Jiangxin like a bright torch fire bird fly flame as mountain landscapes. Disappointed to lie the heart don’t know, what is the ghost nonhuman unexpectedly? Throughout the &;

the song dynasty scientist shen kua is a common & other; Place theory & throughout; To explain the UFO phenomenon. He was in the MengXi stature “volume 21 recorded luminous object is unknown, & other; Just home in wuzhong, taste is unknown, wall column, under a light bright, just see it, like water, in oil paper fan Yi, its content in fan Huang overflow, as the watermark, and flame brilliantly, with fire, is empty. Wei big family also common it again. Li yong ying evaluation of taste and to say, and no less, just see in the I don’t know how different also. Throughout the &;

occurs in Ming dynasty for & other; Spiral craft & throughout; Description

Zhang Zhousheng, a researcher at the Chinese academy of sciences of yunnan observatory is introduced, and guangdong & other; Tide state chi & throughout; Records, Ming god five years wanli grade night in December, tail stars such as wheels, flame according to day, more than when is destroyed.

the record for typical ancient spiral flight records, these records for some people take the spiral aircraft only as a modern and even put a corollary to this kind of situation is the interpretation of the satellite rocket debris falling provides a strong negative evidence. Today people can see the spiral shape of aircraft in the record of the ancients is & other The tail stars such as wheels & throughout; , there are many similar records.

qing painting “red” to vacate “is considered to be a UFO sightings

in the qing dynasty painter wu as in his works, there is a “red” to vacate “figure, the picture is the linnet bridge pedestrians as a cloud, all the back orders, sky, rushed to watch the clouds yi yi flames. The painter in the above picture words wrote: & other; September 28, at eight o ‘clock in the evening, jinling (now nanjing) south of the city, I suddenly see the fire blanket (the ball), from west to east, like huge egg, color red without light, floating air, walk very slowly. D when clouds all empty, the sky darkened. Look up look up, so clear, rosefinch bridge, looking more than hundreds of people stand on the foot. About a cook xu from decreasing. Have call meteors transit, but the star chi also, unaccompanied space. This ball from near and far, their own and do not have, very moist lag, is not the star chi to be seen. “Children put the sky lanterns, night storm blowing north, the ball towards the east, the sky lanterns and knowable. Are unclear, struggling speculation. A barbary, the cloud is content when the beginning of the audio, not listen to you, also by the south gate Banks and newcomers. Xi, different! Throughout the &;

qing wu as “red” to vacate “figure is a vivid sightings in detail. Fireball pass in nanjing time, place, the number of witnesses, ball size, color, luminous intensity, speed is explicitly described. Which is about as in 1892, over one hundred years ago, the world is no flying saucer and UFO, painter apparently failed to realise that the “red” to vacate “figure, could be a UFO research present a valuable historical materials.