The ancients officer also can not afford to buy room: su dongpo over half to borrow money to buy the house

book “gentleman’s love of money: the economic life of historical figures, used to research the tang dynasty big poet bai juyi’s to buy a house, said he was a few years, it doesn’t even have a house, when the financial director (JingZhao mansion door different), with his wife and daughter rent, until the officer 18 years later, I finally bought one.

the recent study of the song dynasty history, discovered in the song dynasty big literary giant ouyang xiu is also like this.

ouyang xiu twenty-five years old to participate in the work, do the rulers of the city, first do kyou-kan again, and then do the rulers of the city, when several county (county magistrate), and also several mayor when (year), has been with his and his wife and children stay in government compound, even in remote communities in low-lying rented a very shabby houses, a heavy rain season will have to hold washbasin bailed water out of the house, this kind of embarrassed living state until he is 42 years old that year ended in anhui fuyang buying property. Snapping fingers calculate to you know, ouyang xiu is the officer after eighteen years before buying a house.

still not only ouyang xiu, another big literary giant su dongpo song dynasty to buy a house later. Old junior high to Sue, 26 officially entered the officialdom, the start doing & other; A book signing fengxiang office throughout the judge &; Now, equivalent to vice mayor, but until he was fifty years old in jiangsu changzhou buy built, spent more than 20 years, before and after is worse than ouyang xiu and bai juyi. In fact, ouyang xiu not borrow money to buy a house, and bai juyi and su dongpo in changzhou to buy a house but borrowed three thousand from his brother su zhe whole penetration, consider this, his old man’s house getting worse.

su dongpo had a famous person of hometown and friend named ji Chen often (that is, many years ago Hong Kong movie “hedong animal roars at fellow players” hit the henpecked hero), ji Chen’s father often call xi-liang Chen, the xi-liang Chen is also an official without real estate for many years, with retired family went to live in luoyang, the rent was too inconvenient, I want to buy a house, pockets of money was not enough, also depend on borrowing to gather together enough deposit.

why did the officer, still can’t afford to buy a house? First, because the song dynasty high prices (how high, and in the future), and secondly because of the previously mentioned these people are very clean (even once back corruption charges xi-liang Chen, its & other; Stolen goods & throughout; But also was given to his colleagues a few bottles of wine). Clean to what extent? It is not bribery, 2 is not bribery, ouyang xiu, in particular, in order to avoid some disguised bribes, even can’t buy everything within their respective jurisdictions.