The ancients teeth care: willow song dynasty is the earliest sanitary ware for toothpaste

most modern people understand the importance of dental care. In fact, on the mouth, the teeth clean, beautiful, disease, health care, in our country ancient times have higher requirements. Such as the book of songs & middot; WeiFeng & middot; people to recognize “described in beauty & other teeth; Tooth such as historic rhinoceros & throughout; , namely teeth white to like gourd seed. Conversely, a bad teeth are seen as uneven, called’s bite not neat, called eke out arrangement not neat, uneven called caries, see it as a sick. Thus, the ancient people for dental health is very seriously.

China’s earliest teeth clean is willow, in the late tang dynasty period, people put the willow bubble in the water, to be used when the teeth of willow, willow fiber inside will come out, like a small wooden comb teeth, very convenient toothbrush. The old saying & other; Morning chewing teeth wood & throughout; To it. Archaeological excavations in 1954, from 959 AD in the liao dynasty tombs unearthed two bone handle, is sufficient to show that China’s use of tooth brush my teeth, say less also has a history of more than one thousand years. From the point of ancient book record, in the southern song dynasty, the city has specialized production and sales of toothbrush stores. When the toothbrush is with bones, horn, bamboo, wood and other materials, drilling two lines of the head, planting on the tail of a horse. And modern toothbrushes are close.

the song dynasty, had a similar toothpaste alternatives, such as the ancients in poria cocos herbs boil & other; Throughout the ancient toothpaste &; , to get up early to gargle. If afraid of cleaning not clean, with their fingers instead of toothbrush, or, as said in previous willow, dip in ancient toothpaste clean teeth. Mentioned above the cloth, finger or ancient toothbrush, dipped the green salt, brush teeth, and then gargle with water.

according to Zhang Gao in history, “said the south Liang Liujun by” class garden “in a ballad, topic as” mountain in the west China which has a black mustache song, song said: & other; Pig teeth honeylocust and ginger, west China hemp shudu yellow. Wood law early lotus fructus sophorae, asarum lotus leaf to fairly. Green salt equal to calcined, research in the future to make more good. Wipe teeth on tooth mustache temples to black, but there are XianFang. Throughout the &; As early as the 6th century south beam carved in stone & other; Has a black mustache & throughout; With honeylocust, lotus leaf, green salt, etc all kinds of drug research, fragrant, with teeth whitening anti-inflammatory analgesic action, and also can be ufa beauty. Effect is more amazing than today’s drug toothpaste. & other; Has a black mustache & throughout; It is the earliest in China even all over the world drug toothpaste.

today, many people get up early on the daily brushing mouthwash, or brush teeth once before bed in the evening. And works of traditional Chinese medicine is not only think that bed than in the past dynasties since morning wash gargle for protection is particularly effective, more advocate meal will wash, medical works of zhang jingyue “JingYue encyclopedia” pointed out: & other; Each will gargle after the meal, the tooth to old white: not bad. Throughout the &; It is very scientific. & other; Wash & throughout; The meaning of the washing. Early recorded in ancient books, such as the rites & middot; term “: & other; At the beginning of chicken, salty, wash one’s hands. Throughout the &; That the ancients have developed & other morning; Wash & throughout; The habit of. Here & other; Wash & throughout; May also include gargle. Directly about & other; Gargle & throughout; , see the sui dynasty nest yuan fang “theory of various pathogenic syndrome” : & other; Rinse your mouth after meals often counted, don’t, make people sick tooth decay. Throughout the &; Here refers to rinse your mouth after the meal, gargle, also claims that night think gargle to protect teeth has a better effect in the evening. Song dynasty Zhang Gao the “said” : & other; The sustainer, often inversion, early mouthwash if not will lie and wash, go to the product between teeth, the tooth also strong. Throughout the &; Later, more people advocate gargle twice in the morning and evening, to maintain oral hygiene. Before the invention of the brush tool no ancient containing wash gargle adopt method, is gargle with salt water, strong tea, wine, sun simiao in tang dynasty the pre-emergency daughter s, & other; Every once in a twist of salt in the mouth, with warm water containing & hellip; & hellip; Tongue up close. Throughout the &; Yanshou book useful strong tea gargle, & other; Every diet ever, roller with strong tea gargle, boring, both the spleen and stomach and, all of the meat in the tooth, tea wash polyester, unknowingly and don’t bother picking off also. Cover tooth was bitter, accordingly was fast and stupid and from to. Throughout the &; According to modern pharmacological analysis, besides there are vitamins in tea, also contain tannins and a small amount of fluorine compounds, tannins have antibacterial, the sterilization effect. Fluorine compounds have prevent dental caries. Ancient advocate using strong tea gargle preventing dental caries, is in accordance with scientific principles. About wine agent gargle, “said” records: & other; Liu Ji years more than seventy, retaining the spirit, each works, drinking a mouthwash, though drunk don’t forget to also, yue can no tooth this disease. Throughout the &; This is all people accumulated rich experience in life practice.

of course, & other; Tooth to old firm white not bad & throughout; Only emphasized the importance of wash wash every meal, as one of the body’s organs, teeth due to various reasons, always can have injuries, including common defect. Today dentistry to defect, often using set of medical treatment, to restore the function of the teeth. Know, will think that it’s modern; Know who will think of the new material medica & ndash; & ndash; Was enacted in the tang dynasty, is also the world’s first national pharmacopoeia, the synthesis has been useful white tin, silver, mercury, silver paste, as a record of the dental implants. In compendium of material medica of newly built with amalgam fillings, also showed that dental medical technology in our country, was far ahead of countries around the world.